Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Great Academic Rejection of 2008-20??



Do you know what this is?

It is a count of the amount of days since my last job interview. A count that is used to monitor a continued hope that employment in my field or a career of some sort will be attainable under the current economy. As I have mentioned in previous entries, my current dilemma is the result of a University education. Look how I capitalize University, making it seem like this important, distinguished and enlightening experience. Well, the capitalization will now end, university is how it will remain forever.

I do not expect my university degree to do anything for me, I mean it isn't going to go out and get a job for me, it for sure is not going to work on my behalf and allow me a life of ease. No, university at this point has solely become a four year experience that pushed me to think outside the box. It taught me that working is only part of the equation, while thinking, yes thought, is what takes you to the finish line. Also, thousands of dollars, but that is beside the point.

It is very sad to experience this portion of my life with relation to the current times of our society. I never imagined I would feel such helplessness in my life and being a 20something, I never thought I would be struggling to find employment this far out of school, but I am.

What worries me more, is the academic rejection or drain that my generation is currently facing. We are the most educated generation to date, however we are also experiencing some of the worst statistics when it comes to employment and stress. This worries me, because my generation, whether we like it or not is tasked with a very important burden, one that will shape the future of the human race as we know it.

That burden, which my generation needs to solve, is essentially all of the current problems the human race current faces. We have the most important problems to solve and are currently given the worst tools possible to solve it, while facing some of the toughest barriers at the same time. Are we doomed?

The question of academic apocalypse and economic woes is a debate that must occur for our society to progress. Realistically, there is a lot of culture and creativity coming out of my generation, even though we continue to be unemployed or worse underemployed (Nothing like underemployment to make the government smile, good job numbers!).

What worries me is the continued dependency we have on education. It seems like humanity is going through another extreme evolution, while our bodies and now our economies cannot keep up. The only thing that can compare to this event is probably the first time a microchip or advanced piece of technology came to be. Life as we knew it changed and what was once difficult and required a high human cost, now could be done with ease. Food became easier to produce and humans did not have to move around as much as we previously did.

Now, our minds have expanded officially and our thought paradigms have advanced, however the employment we require to survive under society's rules is non-existent. I find it hard for a university grad to consider working in a call centre or seek employment on a farm. As important as these positions are within society, one being customer service and the other a source of nourishment for society, our education seems to have endowed us with not only a stronger thought process, but dreams of big things. Things that frankly, are not going to come from a 9-5. 

It is easy for someone to view the education system we currently have with pessimism. The great academic rejection is nothing to smile about, especially when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, as negative as this may seem, it appears that western society and the world as we know it has  reached a new point in our evolution. The society and community found within liberal economies now needs to evolve in order to continue.

A person must now think outside the box in terms of employment and define their work by defining themselves. We can no longer remain slaves to the stability of a 9-5 job, because this only helps one person, the boss. In order to remain efficient and live a good life, an educated person needs to create their own wealth and thus imagine their own employment. For only by doing this, can our society cure itself from the evils of outsourcing, downsourcing, downsizing and the income gap between the rich and poor.

With many individual and separate jobs being created by people who cannot find work, our economy becomes more diverse and truly freer. We cannot rely on major corporations and rich individuals utilizing old ways of thought, when we as a new generation, we with major problems to solve, encompass a new paradigm of thought and with it new solutions to the big problems that plagued those of the past.

Prepare yourself for a big change in the coming years, because whether we like it or not, our society is evolving faster than we can even imagine.

The only thing you need to ask yourself is if the direction it is evolving in is the right one?

Until Next Time!

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