Monday, 15 April 2013

The Conservatives Are Afraid...As They Should Be.

What a weekend for Political aficionados around the country! We have the NDP essentially destroy themselves by changing what made them different and a glimmer of hope for change, all the while the Liberals make a smart move and increase their chances of reclaiming some of the ground lost in the last election.

Justin Trudeau is probably the most accurate representation of Canadian royal family that we can find in today's society. His father Pierre was a master at the political game and did a lot for our country. I always joke that he gave Canada its balls, while showing the world we were a good country to be around.

Everyone continues to debate how successful Justin will be in the future as leader, that his political success is based on his father and that he lives under a shadow constantly. I can agree that Justin does have a shadow of his father that he must compete with, but this is by far nothing compared to the work he has in tackling the current problems that face Canadians. I would seriously give all of this debate and badgering a rest, because while the Conservatives may call Justin inexperienced or in over his head, they forget that this fight began with them and will now end with Justin. I mean, you do not openly insult a guys father in the house by claiming his spending and lifestyle did nothing for Canadians and expect not to have his son seek retribution.

One thing is for sure when it comes to Justin as the new Liberal leader. He will unite many Liberals who may have become skittish in recent years, but more importantly, if he maintains himself correctly, has the potential to call back many Liberals who may have chosen the Conservatives or NDP as alternatives in recent elections. The orange wave did not succeed without spilling some Liberal blood and I think we can all agree that the current government in power needs to be stopped from attaining another term.

We must always ask what direction a political party aims our country in and I believe that Justin will employ the correct measures to not only correct the problems caused by Harper, but once again restore Canada's reputation among the international community.

As I have said countless times before, Canadians are citizens of the world, we come from diverse backgrounds and encounter different people on a daily basis. In recent weeks our international citizenship has been tested with homegrown terror killing abroad, but this will pass and we shall overcome.

2015 will be an interesting year not only because of this upcoming election, but also regarding where our country stands. Will Harper smarten up and work on returning us to our previous glory? Will our budget be balanced? Will we finally be able to find a good paying job? Many questions and realistically all answers are just speculation at this stage.

I know in my own personal case, I will be returning to the Liberal party as a supporter, so long as they focus on their roots of putting the average Canadian first, while working with business to ensure that job creation and sustainable development within our country continue. As much as many of us may wish for a radical change to make things better, we still as a country need to focus on the broader and more open resolves that incorporate the benefit of all, not just a few. This will require extensive diplomacy on the domestic level as realistically we are not all the same.

I will be making more posts concerning this topic in the years to come as I believe Justin will be tested to live up to the saviour image everyone is making for him. I know he can do it and I believe that the Liberals will win the 2015 election and the NDP will still remain strong as Harper is taken out.

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