Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Great Academic Rejection of 2008-20??



Do you know what this is?

It is a count of the amount of days since my last job interview. A count that is used to monitor a continued hope that employment in my field or a career of some sort will be attainable under the current economy. As I have mentioned in previous entries, my current dilemma is the result of a University education. Look how I capitalize University, making it seem like this important, distinguished and enlightening experience. Well, the capitalization will now end, university is how it will remain forever.

I do not expect my university degree to do anything for me, I mean it isn't going to go out and get a job for me, it for sure is not going to work on my behalf and allow me a life of ease. No, university at this point has solely become a four year experience that pushed me to think outside the box. It taught me that working is only part of the equation, while thinking, yes thought, is what takes you to the finish line. Also, thousands of dollars, but that is beside the point.

It is very sad to experience this portion of my life with relation to the current times of our society. I never imagined I would feel such helplessness in my life and being a 20something, I never thought I would be struggling to find employment this far out of school, but I am.

What worries me more, is the academic rejection or drain that my generation is currently facing. We are the most educated generation to date, however we are also experiencing some of the worst statistics when it comes to employment and stress. This worries me, because my generation, whether we like it or not is tasked with a very important burden, one that will shape the future of the human race as we know it.

That burden, which my generation needs to solve, is essentially all of the current problems the human race current faces. We have the most important problems to solve and are currently given the worst tools possible to solve it, while facing some of the toughest barriers at the same time. Are we doomed?

The question of academic apocalypse and economic woes is a debate that must occur for our society to progress. Realistically, there is a lot of culture and creativity coming out of my generation, even though we continue to be unemployed or worse underemployed (Nothing like underemployment to make the government smile, good job numbers!).

What worries me is the continued dependency we have on education. It seems like humanity is going through another extreme evolution, while our bodies and now our economies cannot keep up. The only thing that can compare to this event is probably the first time a microchip or advanced piece of technology came to be. Life as we knew it changed and what was once difficult and required a high human cost, now could be done with ease. Food became easier to produce and humans did not have to move around as much as we previously did.

Now, our minds have expanded officially and our thought paradigms have advanced, however the employment we require to survive under society's rules is non-existent. I find it hard for a university grad to consider working in a call centre or seek employment on a farm. As important as these positions are within society, one being customer service and the other a source of nourishment for society, our education seems to have endowed us with not only a stronger thought process, but dreams of big things. Things that frankly, are not going to come from a 9-5. 

It is easy for someone to view the education system we currently have with pessimism. The great academic rejection is nothing to smile about, especially when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, as negative as this may seem, it appears that western society and the world as we know it has  reached a new point in our evolution. The society and community found within liberal economies now needs to evolve in order to continue.

A person must now think outside the box in terms of employment and define their work by defining themselves. We can no longer remain slaves to the stability of a 9-5 job, because this only helps one person, the boss. In order to remain efficient and live a good life, an educated person needs to create their own wealth and thus imagine their own employment. For only by doing this, can our society cure itself from the evils of outsourcing, downsourcing, downsizing and the income gap between the rich and poor.

With many individual and separate jobs being created by people who cannot find work, our economy becomes more diverse and truly freer. We cannot rely on major corporations and rich individuals utilizing old ways of thought, when we as a new generation, we with major problems to solve, encompass a new paradigm of thought and with it new solutions to the big problems that plagued those of the past.

Prepare yourself for a big change in the coming years, because whether we like it or not, our society is evolving faster than we can even imagine.

The only thing you need to ask yourself is if the direction it is evolving in is the right one?

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Reality Check For The Conspiracy Theorists, An Invitation To Anonymous.

There is something innately human found in pain and suffering. Something that brings our hearts to a stop and gives us the ability to look around and realize our own demise. While this feeling may seem horrible to many, it is exactly what a terrorist or madman hopes for when devising heinous acts against fellow human beings. The very idea that by creating a diversion via something flashy and loud, one can essentially cause society to freeze in place and open a void that affects us all. In this void, is where our government and everyone in contact begins to worry, because it is exactly here that madmen and terrorists feel empowered, gain our attention and thus become heroes. Good and evil do not apply to a madman, as their only goal in their plans is to make people notice them.

While the news continues to show graphic video from different angles of the same bomb going off, many in the conspiracy theory world have come out to propose theories regarding the bombing and the possible intentions directly related to it. I am sorry to burst the bubble of many of these theorists and while theorizing something is fun at times, it does not validly apply when innocence has been massacred. What is more important is that we find the facts regarding the situation and follow them to the individuals who have committed this act.

Why do I not believe this is some secret government act devised to distract us and somehow set up a new war overseas? Simply because the signs do not back this kind of thinking up and the direction of the plan does not fit the proposed theories. For example, using the basic facts proposed by the media, you get an idea of where the bombs where placed, what time they were detonated and more recently how they were made.

I want to disclose that I am not an expert in the matter, nor do I possess any insider information, I am just reviewing the facts that I like many others have access to and explaining my own reasoning behind what might have happened. Granted, this seems much like a conspiracy theorists mindset, but I have nothing against conspiracy theorists, only that they are wrong in this instance.

The first sign that really stood out to me regarding the bombings in Boston was the location. The bombs were placed along the running path, where everyone would experience their blast almost in the form of a show. A front row view of the action when it occurred. However, if someone wanted to really punish Americans and blow them up, would they not have thought to place the bombs in relation to areas that were guaranteed to have more people occupying them? For example, the pavilions directly behind the finish line or inside many of the bars and restaurants packed with viewers? Another obvious sign was the smoke that came from the blast itself. When something burns at a high degree, it will often times emit a black smoke and literally incinerate everything around it. In this case, the bomb released a white smoke, signalling that it was weaker than many expected, still devastating, but not the obvious call sign of an organized terrorist cell.

The bomb did include shrapnel within it, making it an ideal weapon for fear and terror, since shrapnel in an explosion does not necessarily kill the most people, but does leave an everlasting image as people are torn to pieces and still alive. Again though, why go to the trouble of punishing Americans on a civic holiday and scaring them, but not exactly killing as many of these people you hate as possible?

These were the initial signs that led me to believe that this act was committed not by a foreign entity, but by an American not living the American dream and wanting to show everyone. So far valid points have been analyzed, especially the fact that the 15th is tax day in American, the location is Boston and it is patriot day. Also quite scary is the fact that many families involved in the Sandy Hook massacre were just feet away from the intended blast areas. More evidence showing the possibility that these acts were committed by a few individuals with the intention of portraying a sick message.

In response to those stating that this was intentionally done by the government to fill us with fear. I can only respond, why would the government go to the trouble of scaring its own people using pressure cookers and dufflebags, when in reality the Americans have more compact and deadlier alternatives that really could have impacted its people and thus set up the scene for a more elaborate story?

While the Boston Marathon is iconic and world known, do not worry about it's future, because regardless of who is responsible for this kind of act, one can only look to past transgressions to know that people are stronger than any terrorist or vigilante may think of them. The people are the government and also make up society and while this act was horrible as any loss of life is, the marathon will continue. Sometimes, it takes a random act to remind us of the importance in life and in a society moving as fast as ours...eventually something has to give, we all just hope that the something doesn't turn out to be catastrophic.

As for the hacker group Anonymous, I have become very interested in your actions as of late and the audience you have been able to amass. While I understand that vigilantes are often associated with terrorists, it is also easy to understand that living in this world everything becomes political, and when everything is politics, it becomes a diverse series of plays for power. I hope that Anonymous can continue to work on the behalf of good citizenry and perform a digital citizens arrest by helping authorities find these sick individuals.

The direction our political parties and citizens alike take are the natural footsteps our society will eventually follow. While a lot of the actions our governments do border the line of moral, they are our governments and at the end of the day answer to us. Terrorists do not see things like us, for if they did they wouldn't need to act in such ways to get their voices out. The Boston bombing was committed by a homegrown terrorist (or hero in their eyes) and is still out there, he/she most likely used twitter, Facebook or some form of social media and most likely pays their taxes to. If the answer to this massacre is anywhere, it is most likely right in front of us waiting to be found and that is exactly where groups like Anonymous can step in to help for the common good.

While it seems unlikely that something like this can be totally avoided in the future, try not to take it to personally and use this negative act as a positive excuse to do something worth doing.

Until Next Time!

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Conservatives Are Afraid...As They Should Be.

What a weekend for Political aficionados around the country! We have the NDP essentially destroy themselves by changing what made them different and a glimmer of hope for change, all the while the Liberals make a smart move and increase their chances of reclaiming some of the ground lost in the last election.

Justin Trudeau is probably the most accurate representation of Canadian royal family that we can find in today's society. His father Pierre was a master at the political game and did a lot for our country. I always joke that he gave Canada its balls, while showing the world we were a good country to be around.

Everyone continues to debate how successful Justin will be in the future as leader, that his political success is based on his father and that he lives under a shadow constantly. I can agree that Justin does have a shadow of his father that he must compete with, but this is by far nothing compared to the work he has in tackling the current problems that face Canadians. I would seriously give all of this debate and badgering a rest, because while the Conservatives may call Justin inexperienced or in over his head, they forget that this fight began with them and will now end with Justin. I mean, you do not openly insult a guys father in the house by claiming his spending and lifestyle did nothing for Canadians and expect not to have his son seek retribution.

One thing is for sure when it comes to Justin as the new Liberal leader. He will unite many Liberals who may have become skittish in recent years, but more importantly, if he maintains himself correctly, has the potential to call back many Liberals who may have chosen the Conservatives or NDP as alternatives in recent elections. The orange wave did not succeed without spilling some Liberal blood and I think we can all agree that the current government in power needs to be stopped from attaining another term.

We must always ask what direction a political party aims our country in and I believe that Justin will employ the correct measures to not only correct the problems caused by Harper, but once again restore Canada's reputation among the international community.

As I have said countless times before, Canadians are citizens of the world, we come from diverse backgrounds and encounter different people on a daily basis. In recent weeks our international citizenship has been tested with homegrown terror killing abroad, but this will pass and we shall overcome.

2015 will be an interesting year not only because of this upcoming election, but also regarding where our country stands. Will Harper smarten up and work on returning us to our previous glory? Will our budget be balanced? Will we finally be able to find a good paying job? Many questions and realistically all answers are just speculation at this stage.

I know in my own personal case, I will be returning to the Liberal party as a supporter, so long as they focus on their roots of putting the average Canadian first, while working with business to ensure that job creation and sustainable development within our country continue. As much as many of us may wish for a radical change to make things better, we still as a country need to focus on the broader and more open resolves that incorporate the benefit of all, not just a few. This will require extensive diplomacy on the domestic level as realistically we are not all the same.

I will be making more posts concerning this topic in the years to come as I believe Justin will be tested to live up to the saviour image everyone is making for him. I know he can do it and I believe that the Liberals will win the 2015 election and the NDP will still remain strong as Harper is taken out.

Until Next Time!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

More Canadian Than A Canadian?

A new Target has recently opened it's doors in my general area. Another one, which is even closer to me, is set to go public before June of this year. With this news, I as well as many other Canadians are being given the chance to witness a grande appearance, a store that is making a grande appearance on the Canadian market and showing it's love not only for Canadians, but for Canada. Which begs the question for this post, is Target more Canadian than the average Canadian? Than you?

Target of course is not the main idea in my question, but does represent a symptom, to an arising condition within Canada. As the Capitalist market continues to run parallel with globalization, we Canadians are becoming more and more aware of the world around us. In the case of Target, we now have the ability to diversify our shopping needs further. We now get to choose an alternative to the retail outlets that are primarily American, with...another American retail store.

It appears that being a Canadian and operating an independent business is becoming further more difficult to do. What made me really stop and think however, was how in love with Canada Target appears to be. So much patriotism seems to be spewing from the advertisements, store banners and general theme the store is portraying. Granted, I love the fact that Target will be taking on Walmart head on, which in reality is a good thing for average consumers and might just slow down the destruction that Walmart is currently unleashing on our country.

However grandiose this love for Canada is, it does not seem like  the right way to showcase "being Canadian". Something just does not feel right when I see a Target banner stating how much it loves Canada. I mean, we only just met, how could it love us so much and as a result share as much patriotism and love for our country as we do? In fact, what do the upper management of Target think they are doing, when they essentially love Canada more than the average Canadian does? Canadians tend to take comfort in comparing themselves to Americans as different, which allows us to have a distinctive identity to be proud of. However, we now have an American company coming onto our land and spreading to us a love for our own country that mimics more it's own patriotism than it does ours. Americans love their country, "God Bless America", however as Canadians, we do not share the same in depth love for our own country as Americans do, but Target seems to be changing that through a genius retail from our American run store and at the same time love your country.

Do not get me wrong, I love Canada and believe Canadians have the best support for their country than anyone else, but more importantly, we are not American, so why support our country in the same patriot style of love as the very people we are trying to be different from?

Once again, to further emphasize, Target is not the only symptom of this condition. Globalization has opened up our borders and as a result has taken the foreign out of foreign. Our world is dominated by items made in China or India, licensed or patented by an American company that then ships it to our shores and sells it to us, while destroying our own manufacturing and development within Canada. At the same time, our country begins to lose these jobs to foreign competition that could care less about us and those well paying positions are replaced with low paying service ones, much like the average employee of Target, Sears or in the wost case scenario Walmart.

I was warned in my youth that the devil never shows up with the pitch fork or horns, but usually is dressed in his best with a bible in hand. This warning holds true today more so than ever before and seems to be a defining characteristic of the Canadian identity. We somehow always seem to sell out and allow other players  to come in and take all the credit for our hard work.

What makes this more difficult, is that our own government continues to fully support this kind of activity as opposed to pushing to promote actual Canadian development and success. The damage that this kind of activity causes not only hurts those in manufacturing, but eventually begins to affect everyone as our economy and society begin to degrade.

Looking at the amount of retail space being renovated or built up, you would think that these guys know something we do not and expect the recession to be over in a year or something. I wonder if they even thought about the importance of having money to shop, because even though Target is new, if you have no money, you have no way of buying stuff from them. Eventually reality sinks in and we have to face the writing on the wall, with little being done to enhance and keep the good paying jobs, our government continues to brag about how much its job creation is a success as it promotes low paying service jobs to dominate our country.

If we continue this type of thinking and allow these actions to go forward, we will lose generations of people who would otherwise help continue to promote Canadian greatness. We will lose our infrastructure, our schooling, our freedom and with all of this, we will lose Canada.

I know this sounds very depressing, but we need to think of these things now, before we allow them to take place and actually affect the reality of the situation.

More importantly though, I am curious as to what your thoughts are on Target and the topics discussed in this post. Are we taking the wrong direction when it comes to job creation and development? Are Canadians being out played by foreign entities acting more Canadian than us?

Until Next Time!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Canada's Big Pissing Game: Ring Ring!

Ever think your paying to much for your telephone, cellphone, internet and TV?

Well, you are. Sorry to put it blunt, but if your Canadian, residing in Canada and registered for a service involving some form of telecommunications, you are most likely being charged at a premium, while receiving so-so at best service.I understand that this may come across as common knowledge, since many people have felt the pain of their monthly bill from one of the big three or the smaller guys who are run by the big three. Rogers, Bell and Telus own your cell phone, while Rogers and Bell also own everything else.

I had to write something about this, because recently I was hired on a full time basis to work on behalf of one of the big three. Now, I won't say who, but the job market is so incredibly crappy right now, that I had to take a job slugging away and keeping people content with higher prices and a lack of good service just to keep food on the table.

Oh, how I wait for the day, when blogging about politicians and the political direction of our country will afford me the luxuries of life, but then realize that I wouldn't be acting in good faith if I accepted money for this kind of stuff.

Anyways, back to why this current pissing contest made me want to write about. I am honestly going mad with how much I dislike my job and although I should be happy that I am earning an income, I feel empty inside every time I walk into my office and begin to work.

My current employer essentially works on behalf of a distinguished Canadian telecommunications company and is essentially contracted out to provide customer service for them. Everything we do is monitored to the very second and all of our conversations used against us in either praise or pain. We are trained from the beginning to essentially lie to our customers until they are so pissed off that they want to quit in order to gain a discount or some form of reduction in price for their services.

It is no surprise that Canada lags (heh...lags, internet, ok) behind other countries in terms of our online capabilities and the connectivity we receive from the big three. We pay the most and receive some of the worst service.

The Chinese receive faster and more affordable internet service than we do, THE CHINESE! Sure, it is monitored and "modified", but if you look how the Canadian system is set up, we aren't very different, only that we are given more freedom in the content we display and pay much more for much less.

Another main reason I decided to write about this topic was simply that I need your help. I honestly, need the help of the blogging community etc to assist me in surviving this experience or do something to change it. I mean, I thought of contacting my local MPP/MP, however their powers are limited since all changes must go through the CRTC and unfortunately the CRTC is run by the big three!!

That's right, put all paranoia and rumors aside, the CRTC, which is supposed to protect us, is actually lobbied to death and essentially working for the big three to not only modify legislation and create a lax in the system, but also keep the actual competition at bay and barely living. The best example to support this would be Wind, came into the market to make a difference and make some money, all the while give Canadians some relief at the phones, ends up being put up for sale due to a slew of reasons, when in reality...Rogers, Bell and Telus essentially bullied it to death.

The only way it appears to be able to properly stop the big three from continuing their dominance over us, would be to initiate some form of class action law suit and take them head on for essentially maintaining a monopoly or more accurately an oligopoly.

Take caution with the next phone call you make and oh wait...I am using the internet to post this...shoot...probably being watched...great, now my bill is going to mysteriously increase next month....

Until Next Time!