Sunday, 8 January 2012

Harper's New Canadian Empire 2.0

Flip open a newspaper, log onto your online news site or watch the evening news and you most likely have heard much more regarding Stephen Harper's most recent moves on the international chessboard. It seems a blog entry I created in 2011 is coming true even today as the Harper government pushes forward to transform our country into the newest empire in town, one of course based solely on natural resources, many of whom are finite and will eventually run out. You can view that blog entry  here.

Firstly, the HMCS Charlottetown was deployed today from Nova Scotia on a mission to support NATO surveillance in the Mediterranean regarding terrorism. Uh why? Have we not seen enough military action in the past year alone to question why Canada seems gun-ho to attach itself to every military mission available.

Do we have something to further prove to the world or are we telling the world a new message?

"When I am done with Canada, you won't even recognize it."

You can read the full article on this move here.

Follow this move up with a military skirmish added to the upcoming Canada Day festivities in Ottawa that will cost $3.7 million and involve a theatrical company overlooking the authenticity of the performance. Again...when has Canada ever glorified our military actions with anything aside from remembrance of those fallen? Is this a message to the Canadian people to compliment the supposed message above about what we can look forward to in this country's near future?

You can see the original article for this move here.

These two actions however pale in comparison to the more heated discussion going on regarding the proposed northern gateway pipeline. Our government has opened up the discussion to foreign entities in an attempt to get a more clear and rounded picture of what this pipeline will offer and also risk. I agree with this approach because you get a better picture regarding what you might be walking into with this project, however this move has also opened up the ability for some anti-Canada opposition to move in and have it's say to. Not a bad thing, since we do live in a free and democratic society that views all sides of the argument right?

Socially it is ethical, environmentally not so much.

Mr. Harper however has vowed to the Canadian people that no outside voices will disrupt the talks. The related article to this can be viewed here.

Take that ya Gawd Dang hippies!!!!!!

Ezra Levant from Sun News wrote an article on this topic as well, his focus however was on how the new change allows foreign voices to interact with a topic that has no relation to them what so ever. Ezra was against the overall idea of opening up the discussions to third parties and hearing them out, but then again Ezra isn't used to hearing more then one side of an argument...he works for Sun News.

His article can be read here.

What are your feelings regarding the topic of the proposed pipeline and it's economic and environmental effects? Should we take a more nationalistic approach toward it and if so, how does one properly be nationalistic in Canada? Should we look to Canada's past and reference a country devoted to peace, diplomacy and the preservation of the environment? How about looking at our country via Stephen Harper's recent proposal that seems to have us focus on military might, the appearance of success and making a profit over everything else?

I thought I would mimic some other more successful news sites and add a section entitled: Caption my picture!

Here it goes:

Scientific data? No, that's alright, my boys at headquarters already wrote up the numbers.    

I challenge you to caption this picture better then me!

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