Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stephen Harper's Canada: History's Newest Empire?

September 11, 2001: Terrorists hijack American civilian planes and crash them into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. America is shaken as the realization that they can become vulnerable to attack becomes reality.

2008: After years of fighting on two fronts, the American military is stretched and American coffers are dwindling under extreme debt due to increased borrowing.

2010-2011: Stephen Harper announces to the Canadian people that amid the fear and recessions rampant around the world and within the United States of America, Canada shines as an example of restraint and fiscal responsibility. Our country according to Stephen will weather the recession and economic downturn and come out on top while other countries continue to struggle. As a result, Canadians should not worry about the economy as the Conservative government has everything under control.

After the most recent federal election, less then 60% of eligible voters came out to voice their opinion about how their country should be run and who should run it. Of this 60% around 39% voted for a Conservative majority, while 40% of Canadians stayed home and chose not to voice themselves. The result of this low turnout has led to a guarantee of 4 years of Conservative majority and enough "playtime" to allow Stephen Harper and his government to put into place the changes they have been itching to make. These changes along with "Economic Stimulus" will create a stronger Canada, a more resilient Canada, a Canada that we can all be proud of.... So proud in Harper's eyes that we as a country will become the next great empire for history to witness.

Alright, I get it, I made you read all of the above text to basically reiterate what my title clearly states. Why you must ask have I put your eyes through such work? Well, the answer is literally rising up all around you and is flowing through the news on a daily basis.

What history will tell of the decade of 2001-2011 is that the world witnessed the ultimate rise of a new form of power relations, one that has existed among us for as long as civilization has existed, but until now did not get the proper attention it needed.

In Stephen Harper's Canada, the corporation is the most valuable tool a government vying for supreme power can utilize and in order to ensure this power is allowed to rise, those who oppose it must be kept in check.

We now live in a country where a bank and corporation has more power over the government then the majority of Canadian citizens who allow that same government to exist. So entrenched is this symbiotic power relationship that the very government that promises to work for Canadians, continues to impose policies that do exactly the opposite.

An overused, but sadly true example of this will be the new Crime Omnibus Bill going through right now as we speak. This new bill proposes stricter sentences and rules regarding criminal activity and will cost the Canadian tax payer billions of dollars. Who will profit from this increase in muscle power? Think about it....if billion dollar prisons are to be built alongside the introduction of this bill coupled in with the very expensive jet deal that is coming very soon....yea you guessed right...private corporations that are all friends with Mr. Harper. Cost is not an issue though, since Harper isn't really paying for any of this, neither is his government. You will be paying for these changes, your children will be paying for them and your grandchildren might see the end of all the payments when they hit middle age.

That is right folks, Canada is going to rise up among the ashes of the economic disaster that has already hit and is becoming worse on a daily basis. As many other countries begin to implode due to their economic instability, Canada and it's banks will only increase their power and continue to buy up the necessary assets from other countries that will ensure our control over the world. While history has shown us that many empires have required a heavy military presence to achieve this, Canada will laugh in it's face as we acquire assets that are literally screaming at us to bail them out or buy them due to the economic stress they are facing.

If we allow Stephen Harper to continue down this path we as a people are going to see the extent of the rise of the Canadian Empire, except it will not be the average citizen benefiting from this rise, but the corporations entrenched within the Canadian government.

Although this entry serves to be a distopian view of what the future may hold for our beautiful country, do not take it lightly as many changes that are being given life now have the ability to turn in the ugly reality of a Canada that focuses on profit margins and an increase in power and not the pursuit of life, liberty and good government.

Today October 12, 2011 Stephen Harper made his most recent attempt to undermine the Canadian people for the benefit of one of his corporate buddies. Collective bargaining was undermined when the government made a motion to stop Air Canada flight attendants from striking. It starts small people, stop people from grouping here and then hit them a little harder next time until we get to the point where coming together for anything the government does not like will be seen as criminal and lead to a prison term. "Canada cannot afford democracy is what Stephen Harper says every time he aims at Canadians trying to voice themselves or improve their quality of life." The question we must ask is are we going to let it get that far? 

On a side note, if you get a chance you should check out some alternative Canadian media that is not owned by a monopoly or very wealthy Canadian family.

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Until next time folks and may that next time come soon and hopefully from freedom and not one of Harper's new mega prisons!

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