Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Religion of Peace

Yesterday, Upon hearing about the bombing in Manchester, I exhibited the usual response. I had to find out more, what happened exactly, how many people were affected and who is claiming responsibility?

When I usually read news articles, I make an effort to view the comments being expressed by both official sources and by those posting comments on the article. I read comments because while it can sometimes provide entertainment on lighter subjects, it also gives you a perspective on how average people are reacting towards the issue or act being focused on. Sadly, in recent years, many of these comments usually begin with "The Religion of Peace" regarding a new bombing.

Anti-Islam cartoon that spreads misinformation about the religion as a whole

Using this term is not only harmful toward those who practice Islam, which they profess is a religion of peace, but also provides the radicals with more incentive to continue. While it is perfectly normal to show fear in the chaos resulting after something bad happens, it is never beneficial to come to conclusions without really knowing the facts.Radicals of any religion are just that, people who use a religion as their motivation to enact horrible acts and spread fear.

While ISIS has taken responsibility for the acts of last night, their own story of what happened does not exactly match up with what police are saying occurred. This should raise questions among everyone watching, however it is often overlooked. Can we blame people for being angry and wanting to hate someone who targets children cowardly?

What worries me more is how certain public figures have responded to the attack and the language they have used. Specifically, we have Donald Trump calling the attackers losers and while it may be true that they are losers, his choice of wording is interesting. Especially, when only a day earlier his own administration conducted billions in business with Saudi Arabia, a known terrorist supporter, while preaching for Muslim countries to remove extremism from their countries.

Donald Trump during his visit to Saudi Arabia

The acts in Manchester does not have a real purpose, as targeting a concert occupied by children really has no valid gain aside from simply spreading fear.The bomb involved even contained screws and nuts, which is intended to maximize the exposure of the damage from the device. This makes Manchester, if anything, a response to something that recently happened internationally.

This leads me to believe that yesterdays bombing was nothing more than a response to the actions of Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia, in order to not only show the world that terrorism is still alive and well in Western countries, but also to illicit responses such as "The Religion of Peace." When people target Islam as the culprit of radicalism, these terrorists continue to win as they aim to create a war of civilizations in order to increase their ranks and their power.

To kill radicals, everyone must abolish their actions in a united front!

The Western world will mourn for this horrible act like it does with every other horrible act and in time people will see the strength that comes from these acts in order to bring us together. What will remain important however is that people continue to keep their head on their shoulders and not fall for the fear that allows the spread of misinformation and hate. While an enemy does exist, this enemy is not an entire religion, if anything Islam and moderate Muslims are allies we need to work with more closely in order to abolish ISIS and other religious radicals.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. - Mark Twain

-The Political Road Map


  1. You know a religion is peaceful when people are constantly reassuring everyone that it's a peaceful religion.

    Calling them losers was accurate. Homegrown terrorists are always losers with not good economic and/or social standings. Often isolated etc. They are losers who are angry at everyone else while they feel left out and left behind so the decide to kill a bunch of people to get back at society. That being said, While Saudi Arabia has many problems (which I might ass Trump threw some shade at the Saudi king in front of him in his speech to Arab leaders by bringing up the horrors of 9/11) they are trying to combat terrorism and protect their homeland (including building a wall around their country). The deal Trump made was good. You complained about womens rights and human rights etc, If we are to not conduct business with other countries based on morals, then we need to stop doing business with a lot more countries than just Saudi Arabia. They are getting their act together, it would please you to know that on the social side, they are slowly catching up to the rest of the world. We cannot force countries to change their society. That takes time. It never works, just ask Bush 43, Obama, Clinton, Bush 41, Carter, etc. Lastly, these terrorists are not only doing this because they are disgusting people, but they are doing it because of Islam. There are goals and reasons. Everything they are doing is for Allah. Islam , if you actually read into it, is a pretty violent and backwards religion. While Jesus was a hippie, Muhammad was a misogynistic, murderous asshole. And in your last article you compared Trump to the Saudi treatment of women, give me a break. When bans women from driving, blames women fro getting raped, makes them dress up in over sized ninja costumes, brings back lashings, then talk to me.

  2. Hey Pelley,

    Thank you for your comment and your opinion.

    While terrorism is never a good thing for social or economic conditions, home grown terrorism does make the situation much more difficult, as the individuals involved do fly under the radar or not on it at all.

    Regarding morals and trade, you are right in saying that we should not be trading with more countries than Saudi Arabia.

    My main issue is the hypocrisy regarding government officials, who fight for freedom and then easily deal with others who do not, just to make a buck. Its the ugly side of Capitalism at work there and while it does assist in the economy, it doesn't help the situation that Saudi Arabia indirectly supports the very ideology that is fueling both domestic and international terrorism.

    Any religion can be arguably seen as both peaceful or not, but the same can attributed to political ideologies as well. The key is trying to determine who is vulnerable to radical thinking and finding way of diffusing these people before they act out their aggression.

    While Trump may not be handing over burkas to women, his administration has taken good measure to limit the voice of women in America, mainly by attacking the very funding that allows women more control over their own body. On paper this does not add up the same as Saudi Arabian policies on women, but the general theme is the same, men telling women what is good for them.

    While you may not agree with my stances, I do thank you for the input as it is important to discuss these issues in more detail and dispel as much hate and disinformation that is currently out there.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, just like not all Christians are Republicans!