Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Today, on this chilly Saturday, a wedding has become official that sounds more like a fairy tale scenario to those involved.

No, this fairy tale wedding does not involve Pippa Middleton and her investor husband, but rather a match that might be even more compatible.

Today, Donald Trump has taken the necessary measures to strengthen the bond between the Saudi Arabia kingdom and his administration. Trump went beyond the moral ethics of his predecessors, by initiating both military and investment licenses that range around $300 billion.

This deal with the Saudi kingdom does not only reinforce the foundation of the Trump administration, but further shows the hypocrisy in it as well. While Trump may not trust Muslims due to the issue regarding fanaticism, he has no problem accepting a lot of money from them.

The questions regarding morality involved in selling military equipment to dictators with spotty human rights records are vast and not new. The fact that Trump has taken this step, while many before him have worked toward direct peace, just shows the business side of Trump's administration and the fact that it shows no shame.

Saudi Arabia has been known to export its weaponry to support causes throughout the Middle East, which both support its own agenda and Political Road Map, but also acts of terrorism.

Donald Trump was greeted by a small army and men dressed in traditional garb, dancing with swords as they welcomed him to their lands. His connection with Saudi Arabia should come as a natural one, as both the kingdom and Trump share many of the same ideals pertaining to women and the rule of law. Specifically, where one is suppressed, while the other is directed with an iron fist.

Viewing this trip on the surface shows just how desperate Donald Trump is in correcting his image. As many know, Trump is not doing good in terms of the popular vote regarding his actions and connections to Russia, which is making his impeachment become more and more of a reality as the days pass. This tour around the Middle East is a good way to showcase his ability to create jobs through economic pacts, while also showcasing a positive reception from those welcoming him to their countries. Trump is basically hoping that most Americans will see this as an example of strength and as such associate his work as positive, while hopefully forgetting about the whole Russia connection.

The main question that arises from this kind of activity between the West and known despots is how far do we turn away when dealing with large contracts that are worth a lot of money? In Canada, we have witnessed Justin Trudeau also dealing with Saudi Arabia in the armoured vehicle contract previously put into motion by Harper. Trudeau did not blink while he moved forward with allowing the deal to continue, even though he campaigned as an outspoken feminist and promised to act opposite of his predecessor.

Our elected officials seem to generate amazing camera time and action shots while campaigning for the goodness of human rights and the empowerment of women. Then they turn around and decide to sell military equipment and actively trade with countries that actively stand against these same beliefs. Such hypocrisy should be questioned by all Americans and also Canadians, but sadly, it often goes either unnoticed or without much care from the electorate, which is something that has to change.

Either way, Donald Trump has shown today that his administration has no moral compass and furthermore that his Political Road Map contains no reservations with profiting from dealing with leaders and countries that represent some of the worst human rights records.

Add today's match made in heaven between Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia as another reason to remove this man from the office of guiding the free world.

-The Political Road Map

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