Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Donald Trump Having a Cow

When Donald Trump first met with Justin Trudeau, many people felt that our Prime Minister stood his ground, while remaining respectful with the newly elected President.

The time has finally arrived, where that initial meeting and the common ground established will now be tested.
Is the Canadian Milk cow in danger?

Donald Trump has gone on the attack and has directly mentioned Canada, as a source of ill that is undermining American milk producers. Specifically, in Wisconsin, where over production is leading to a reaction in the free market that is affecting the bottom line of producers.

Trump has also mentioned NAFTA once again, which has now introduced various topics including his Buy American plan and the impact of a lack of regulations in Mexico.

Luckily, our ambassador has fired back by using common sense and truth to explain the reality of what is happening in the United States.

What is at stake? 

As we have currently seen, President Trump has a tendency to act on the fly and without much rational thought. What can occur from this incident is a domino effect that can essentially push Trump to get NAFTA talks on the table sooner, which could negatively affect many Canadians and Americans.

While the US has reason to negotiate NAFTA regarding Mexico, it also has to be careful how it steps around Canada, since many Americans rely on Canadian trade to remain employed.

What could also occur, is a destabilization between Canada, the US and Mexico, with Trump playing favorites, while leaving someone out. This might not actually happen right now, but if Trudeau actually left a positive impact on Trump, his administration might reap the benefits of it.

Footage of Trump having learned about the milk issues with Canada
If negotiations lead to lighter regulation regarding American milk, we may be opening up the door to directly dismantle our own dairy producers here at home. Canada has one of the most inefficient dairy sectors in the world, which requires assistance in order for it to compete. If American milk were allowed to flood our market en mass, we could witness the death of Canadian milk and the introduction of more quantity as opposed to quality.

It is time for Trudeau to implement another hard handshake and take a stand against Trump. We cannot sit aside, while this American bully continues to dictate to us, what we should do as a sovereign country!

Manners aside, sometimes it is important to tell an ally or friend when they step out of line, in order to do what is best to assist them.

Trudeau needs to defend Canadian interests, by not giving right in to Trumps demands and ensuring a fair discussion regarding any proposed changes to NAFTA!


  1. My bet is that Trump is going to make Trudeau pay for the handshake trick and he will specifically stick it to him on the NAFTA negotiations.

    Trump is a petty man. But he is no different than any other person I have come across who has a little bit of authority (and no compunctions abusing it.)

    So imagine you are the boss and an underlying disrespected and humiliated you. Now that underlying is coming to you for a favor. How would you respond? That is how Trump is going to do NAFTA.

    He's not going to completely screw Canada over. But he will leave a little present for "Joe Trudeau." (When Trump mangled his name after the visit, Junior got what was coming next.) This could be it.

    Just remember kiddies: you will always look real foolish trying to cross back over a bridge you just burned.

    1. Hey Ron,

      I agree with you on the impression Trump has regarding Trudeau. He is currently living with the belief that he holds all of the cards and doesn't seem to realize how delicate trade between Canada and the US really is.

      We can only hope that Trudeau stands up for Canadians and is able to persuade Trump to place favour on us during the renegotiation of NAFTA.

      It seems more likely that Trump will target Mexico with more strife than Canada, but again this will provide us with a real telling of how the Trump and Trudeau relationship really is...will they both be able to find common ground, or will Trump get pissed off even more and do something else to affect us directly?