Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to make Marijuana legal if Stephen Harper wins...

Today is going to be a what if kind of day. No, I do not think Stephen Harper has a chance at retaining his role as Prime Minister, but if for some chance he does, you know what immediately happens next: Bill C-51 gets beefed up and Marijuana remains illegal, or does it? 

Let's get one thing straight, I do not partake in the use of marijuana, but I do see the potential benefit it poses of legalized, mainly in tax revenue, which any government can benefit from. This makes me unbiased in my personal views, since I do not pass judgement on those who do use it, but also do not agree that it should be made available to minors. Anyways, we have all heard these arguments before... So to my plan! 

Many Conservatives take part in the recreational use of drugs, if they deny it they are out right lying. I mean some of the things they do and say would be hard to imagine being possible without some drug use.

If marijuana users really want to push their agenda then they need to start playing the game by removing the counter culture and assimilating into the general Conservative culture. 

This can be done via a number of different ways, but the easiest would be to lobby the Cons AS Cons! 

You heard me correctly, as we know this current Prime Minister will go above and beyond what the majority of Canadiand(Cons) want! 

If the marijuana activists simply began supporting Conservatives by going to rallies and associating The Conservative Party as a cool one with pot and bring with them the numbers, Harper will jump at the opportunity to balance his budget and appease his new "supporters."

I will provide further clarification of needed, but take a moment and just think about you pot heads you! 

Politicians appease their supporters and that is a good and bad thing!

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