Friday, 2 October 2015

Buying a Gun

Right about now in America, a gun store owner is unlocking his door, a hot coffee sits by his cash as he begins a new day. 

Not to long after, customers will begin pouring in to look at and begin the process of purchasing a gun. 

No doubt that some if not the majority of these people will be doing so out of fear from yesterday's tragic, yet increasingly common mass shooting in Oregon. 

This fear that this gun owner, mainly like white and middle class, is experiencing though is not due to the atrocities that occurred, but mainly due to the ripple that might stem from said atrocities. That ripple is the talk about gun control. 

Yes, this American will most likely be purchasing as much ammunition and arms as his budget will allow, because like with ever other shooting, gun control becomes a hot topic as it should and Americans and the NRA prop up the fear machine and increase sales 10 fold. 

This will happen for a few weeks at the minimum and then things will calm down and people will return to a semi normal, until another gun in an American hand is turned on his brothers and sisters and the cycle continues. 

What is left... But a lot of scared people, money in cash registers at gun shops and a smiling NRA, who know exactly what to say next. 

The biggest terrorists in America today aren't Arab or Muslim, they are in gauges and are purchased in packs of 20,40 and 100. The biggest terrorists in America today are bullets. 

Raise your voice!

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