Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Stop Harperection 2015: Who to Vote For!

So...unsurprisingly Stephen Harper has officially dropped the writ over the long weekend and is now in fighting mode to remain top dog, er...cat in Canada.

The latest poll shows the NDP with a rather large margin ahead of the Conservatives, while the Liberals are still trying to pick up all the pieces after the barrage of bombings from the Justin Trudeau Ads continues. These polls, while very early in the game, will most likely not change much throughout the entire election. That is, unless Trudeau and his team can pull off enough hail Mary's and win major riding's. These riding's will most likely be in urban left leaning cities or as the media calls them...Toronto.

Predicting an election, much like calling out who you think is the best to vote for is difficult in even the best circumstances. Each party has pros and cons attached to them that make them attractive to certain voters and distasteful to others.

This election will bring with it deja vu from the most recent Ontario election, where Kathleen Wynne rallied enough support to look past her errors and defeat the boogeyman Tim Hudak. The question that remains now is what happens when the boogeyman also has a strong list of errors associated with his performance and is utilizing the same tactic? Harper is already preaching to the masses that a vote for him is a vote for stability during uncertain times. Times where other countries are on the rebound and our economy has decided to take a roller coaster drop.

The most important objective for any of the three main parties would be to rally the support for the undecided/non-voters from last election and trust me there were many. That group alone could give any of the parties a huge majority if they were mobilized in their favor.

As for me, I would personally advise that the removal of Stephen Harper from office is the ultimate goal of this election. This will ultimately require a change in voting styles dependent on where you live.

If you happen to live in a riding where a Liberal incumbent holds power, vote Liberal, if you live in an NDP zone, vote NDP. If you live in a riding where its a close race between either the Liberals and NDP with the Conservatives, then you have some research to do on political trends in the past and current numbers to decide who will reign victorious over Harper.

The most important thing Canadians need to remember during this election is that Harper is going to do everything he can to ensure his team scares the crap out of you considering a Liberal or NDP vote and if possible will stop you from voting, either by making you sick to your stomach over his stupid ads or by making you so apathetic that you decide to stay in and watch TV on election night and not vote at all.

I will most likely be voting NDP in the Hamilton East-Stoney Creek riding as our NDP incumbent is not only a solid politician, but one who cares about those he serves and about the legacy he leaves behind for future Canadians.

Until Next Time for more election discussion!

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