Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stephen Harper's Broken Mirror

The federal election has so far formulated a strong offensive toward the Conservative Party of Canada, specifically Harper's Conservatives, as we have come to understand our current government as.

Stephen Harper has made it very easy for his opponents and the majority of Canadians to exercise their right to target him and show disdain for his words as much as they do his policies. Again, much of this can easily be explained as a result of a series of Constitutional and Rights no nos. I wont get into to much detail about that though, since I feel I am contributing to the beating of the same old dead horse, since almost everyone by now should understand and feel anger for these past gaffs on the Prime Minister's behalf.

The real reason I wanted to write this post is because I am beginning to feel some sympathy (Albeit minor) for the guy! It is more evident in latest news segments than ever before that the negativity directed to Stephen Harper has become almost something of a political stigma. You can clearly see it in his eyes, the man is not sleeping at night and for good reason. Between his fears of ISIS attacking to the outright protest his party is receiving from average Canadians, I am sure he has come to the realization that this election will most likely not end well in his favor.

Granted, we are currently in a historic election as this is one of the longest running campaigns in Canadian history, but I believe that this will simply become a foot note in the history books as it leads to the birth of an NDP majority government in Ottawa. As seen through political trending the world over, the majority of western countries are turning to parties further on the left in a bid to combat measures that have resulted in severe austerity and major uncertainty among the working class. It isn't surprising that Canadians, much like their European, Asian and American counterparts in turn are looking to the left/socialist parties to support them, since these parties seem to be the only ones actually working toward helping the average Joe, as opposed to focusing on the rich, whom are often considered the job creators and as such deserve it.

No, Stephen Harper's mirror at home is one that is shattered, since every time he looks into it he has to witness not only the reality of the situation, but also what he has become and will essentially leave behind. That is a country that no longer mirrors its past traditions and as such is at a stand still among the world stage. A country that at one time was a resource based powerhouse and a force for peace and understanding internationally. No, unfortunately, Stephen Harper has changed Canada, much like he has changed himself into something else. Something that resembles more a creation born of American style politics and Neoliberalism.

One thing that no one can deny Harper though...he has maintained a strong control over his party and both the information and questions related to it. Unfortunately for him though, this will most likely lead to the historic rise of the NDP to power, accompanied by a Liberal opposition led by Justin Trudeau.

We may be offering Harper hugs soon enough once this election is over and maybe then, he will come to the realization that even after spending as much time and money as he did to deny reality, it came around anyways and gave him a crude awakening.

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