Saturday, 1 August 2015

Something Scary Happened 3 Days Ago...

A few days ago I posted this link on to correspond with my blog entry and make a point about the state of affairs in the Canadian job market, but also in our leadership.

What still makes me feel uneasy is the direct feelings that went through me when I was about to click confirm and actually make the link go live. A sense of fear and uneasiness took over as I began thinking of the strong possibility that I would either get into a lot of trouble or be arrested for posting this job advertisement for my blog.

Looking back on those feelings of 3 days ago, I have reinforced the reality that is Canada in 2015. The very fact that I had to second guess my actions and fear physical persecution in a country that believes in freedom of speech and transparency among its elected officials is ridiculous.

Not to mention...who am I that my words are strong enough to gain the attention of the Prime Minister or his campaign party?

This intense feeling and insecurity is what I believe has paralyzed not only the Canadian political system in general, but the ability of average Canadians to have their voices heard and thus partake in the political system.

We get this feeling that our elected officials and those running to be elected are somehow superstars or people above us that often times leads us to show a great amount of respect, but why? Why should I as a free Canadian feel afraid to speak my voice and use the written word to make a point? (Bill C-51).

Furthermore, why should we as Canadians not take part in the political system more often and discuss it in more detail? (Money, lack of employment stability, fear, Bill-C51 & Stephen Harper).

I wish I had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Harper personally over a coffee, because while he may be the nicest guy in the world on a personal level, I really just want to break down the reasoning for so much of his actions, which are most likely symptoms of utter fear.

I don't know...what do you all think? Do you feel comfortable voicing your political opinions online or in public with your face and your name? Have you felt this insecurity regarding your freedom of opinion and voice?

Until Next Time...

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