Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ontario NDP...Too Little too Soon?

Well...now that the dust has settled after Ontario Election 2014, we can look back and ask ourselves, what the hell happened?

What began as an election to punish corruption and dishonesty within government, soon became a fight against the evil, heartless, destructive, horrible, terrifying, counter-productive, satanic,backward and God awful Tim Hudak?

How? How? How?

The simple answer is well...simple.


Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals should be given an Oscar for their grand performance in "Fear De La Mongering Pour Ontario." It's a huge hit in France and apparently rocked the box office here as well.

We all know that any good movie cannot succeed without an equally good director and with special thanks we turn the spot light to Tim Hudak, the very person able to easily open his mouth and give Kathleen Wynne the election she has dreamed of, while losing everything his own party worked to maintain.

Now, we can only look at Andrea Horvath and her NDP at the blatantly failed campaign they run. While the election promised action against a corrupt government, the people of Ontario simply witnessed a leader more comfortable with the status quo of repetitious attacks rather than actually proposing anything of substance that would not only punish the corrupt Liberals, but also provide Ontarian's with a plan of hope and success.

No, instead of the glorious leader filled with charisma, holding our hands and telling us that everything was going to be alright because, we were left with a primarily voiceless NDP that barely survived the Liberals dramatic performance of fear, something which often times entangled them and pushed them into the same light as Tim Hudak.

I have heard many news outlets and media personnel argue that Andrea took the party to much to the centre, pushing to far right in order to appeal to the masses within Ontario. Trust me when I tell you that this was the farthest from the truth. If anything, moving the NDP focus toward the centre allowed the NDP to grow up a little bit, after all..who wants a government that solely caters to a few at the expense of  the majority? I think it is safe to say that the only governments that exist on that premise with any popularity, often do so with bullets and bombs to back them up (Communist China or Russia anyone?).

Having made the choice to jump onto the partisan bandwagon myself, I feel a sense of filth after all has been said and done. I committed to the cause and assisted in helping my local MPP dominate his race. My area has remained a strong NDP fort in what has become seemingly a landscape of red. While I support my MPP very much due to his character and honesty as a politician, something rare in politics today, I still feel as if the joke is on me and my fellow Ontarian's.

Not only has Ontario Election 2014 provided the worst example to our children, it has also proven that nothing much is going to happen differently over the next four years. Yes, the Liberals have promised a world of change, but many people have failed to realize that their budget platform relies upon a foundation of employment cuts...much like the dreaded Tim Hudak's 1,000,000 jobs plan. While that dreaded job creation title will stick with many Ontarian's for decades to come, I fear what is coming next will scar us in an equal fashion.

I am going to spend some much needed time over the next few months re-evaluating my role in politics compared to my overall long term plans. While I got involved in politics to help people, I have found that unfortunately, the system relies to heavily on bloated bureaucracy that somewhere along the line left out the important things...such as the very people supporting the system...the voters.

Ontario has provided us with a closed experiment of the problems affecting Canada at large with Stephen Harper. A system that relies on close minded bureaucracy dominates and requires extensive reform, something other than American stylized politics however.

Essentially, Ontarian's utilized their strategic voting abilities and their inability to escape fear in order to stop one devil, by shaking hands with another devil.

It is going to be a long 4 years my fellow Ontarian's, however I doubt it's going to be anything but boring.

Until Next Time!