Monday, 5 May 2014

Why Liberals Should Vote NDP in Ontario's 2014 Election

After a harsh and lonely break from blogging for a few months, I have decided to jump back on the horse and continue on.

I mean, with an Ontario election called 8 months early and a Liberal party getting away with craziness, who wouldn't feel the need to voice themselves!? Not to mention the equally if not more craziness from PC Tim Hudak, I don't know whether to dislike him as a politician or evil master mind...

I have long supported Liberal candidates and a few NDP ones to! However, when it comes to Ontario's 2014 election, I suggest that everyone take my advice and not vote Liberal.

Let's get one thing straight...I am not saying this because I was Timmy boy to win, because I think the entire province is cringing at the thought of Premier Tim Hudak or Sir Cut Everything!

As far as politics in Ontario go, don't you think it is time we send our politicians a message and try to enact real change? I mean, the Liberals have been in power for 10 years now! 10 years of running our provinces government and frankly becoming stale...

Why choose the NDP? If not because they represent something different, then only because they aren't the Liberal party or Progressives.

The Liberals did something I thought only Stephen Harper had the capability of doing...they spent over a BILLION dollars on cancelling gas plants and saving 4 or 5 Liberal seats...

Let's do an exercise...count to a BILLION in less than a minute!

Impossible? imagine how we as a province are going to pay for it, or should I say our children and children's children's children...

While many think the NDP made the mistake of not calling an election, I think she made the right call. Tim Hudak has shown himself to be nothing more than a shadow of his former boss...Mike Harris and Kathleen Wynne, while coming to office with promise, has become nothing more than a scapegoat for Dalton Mcguinty...a martyr that saved his legacy from being tarnished, allowed him to leave on a high note one could say.

So come on Ontario, get out there and vote NDP, because if we stop in our tracks and allow the status quo to continue, we have nothing to complain about when our beautiful province begins to fall apart.

The NDP started from the bottom, but you can bet they have your best interests in mind!

Until Next Time!

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