Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Online Alert! Convicted Rapist Using Social Media Dating Sites

You may be wondering why a blog dedicated to politics and philosophy is posting an online alert and I would like to set your mind at ease.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that an individual convicted of raping numerous women in his vehicle was once again active on various dating sites, it seemed only right to ensure that I spread this knowledge as much as possible. If this post saves another woman from being assaulted or led into danger than it has more than served its purpose. Also, this situation raises the question of how safe online interactions in general can really be, while the internet has provided almost unlimited possibilities in connecting people around the world, like anything, it has also opened the doors for predators to expand their networks.

Alas, I would like to introduce you to Najim Khairzad, a serial rapist, who has decided that he would like to find love online and maybe date a few girls here and there while he is doing it. What many people online will for sure not know about Mr. Khairzad, is that he enjoys finding women and choking them to near unconsciousness, where he can then forcibly penetrate them.

Love is universal and the human condition is social, we naturally want to be around other people and interact with them. That being said, when someone is convicted of such disgraceful conduct against women, it is in the public's interest to know about it.

Wait though...isn't he rehabilitated from his stint with the law and considering his rapes all took place in 2009? Well, considering that Mr. Khairzad's comments after the incident went a little like this..."I made a mistake associating with those women, they were all druggies and alcoholics, people make mistakes and I plan to move on," you might want to reconsider the idea that rehabilitation was successful in this case.

Please spread this post to your friends and family who may currently be using any kind of dating site, mainly free ones, but regardless make sure this information is made more public. Mr. Khairzad is only human, but individuals like him cannot be allowed to strike again and while this may not solve the scourge of sexual violence, it may assist in avoiding any future crimes from being committed by Mr. Khairzad.

Until Next Time!