Thursday, 13 February 2014

NDP Take Niagara Falls Thornhill PC Stronghold Remains

Thursday's by-election can only be explained as exciting stuff. Niagara Falls has now gone orange and Tim Hudak's home town is now NDP territory.

While the PC's held onto the Thornhill riding, the overall theme from tonight's results is that the Liberals need to watch out and the NDP need to prepare.

I have no doubt, that a provincial election is near in Ontario, most likely within the next month or so and with this election comes the ability for the provincial NDP to either grab some more seats or possibly gain a minority.

Why? While it may seem complex, the answer is simple, people do not feel comfortable with Tim Hudak's platform of back to work legislation and lets face it...the Liberals have been in power for to long and as a result suffer from corruption and misdirection.

The Political Road Map officially announces that a spring election is a guarantee, with focus on the left being a top priority among voters. Ontarian's have made it clear that they do not want labour bashing to continue, but at the same time, want a government that is actually doing something to direct the future of this province.

Congratulations to the victorious candidates, while your victory is battle fought, the war is just arriving. Which in reality sucks...because you work so hard to gain a spot in the by-election, only to possibly lose it in the actual election, but let's all think positive instead.

Get ready for some crazy political happenings over the next few months folks!

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