Thursday, 4 July 2013

Adult Assembly Required: Bottled Water

Like many out there, I consume a fair amount of bottled beverages, whether we are talking about my insane addiction to diet coke or my love of bottled carbonated Italian water, it is a guarantee that money is being spent to supply me something contained in a plastic bottle.

Apparently, the ocean is filling up with microscopic pieces of plastic...the result of human waste being tossed and sliced by the natural waves, while these pieces of tiny plastic may not seem real tough, they are apparently leeching chemicals into the water that are not properly recognized. So foreign are these chemicals that our bodies are apparently deciding that they resemble something closer to estrogen, which creates a legitimate risk for all males that consume water contaminated with this chemical.

In urban street language and to put it bluntly, we have an example here of tainted water that is threatening to destroy your junk men! That means no babies and to an extreme...a damaged love machine.

I recently had the pleasure of having my world crash around me and fill with fear after watching a documentary called: "chasing ice."

All I have to say is that this documentary shouldn't be labelled so....for in reality we should be referring to it as a wake up call. I can imagine all of the climate change/global warming deniers finding this amazing piece of art a very good fabrication, because the evidence it portrays cannot be argued.

We as human beings have come to the point in our existence where we need to make hard decisions. These tough choices have been around since our incarnation, however now we really need to open our eyes and analyze what exactly is going on around us.

How is this relevant to The Political Road Map? Well, it seems that our current direction with handling the balance between our environment and our own personal convenience has become astray.

While I enjoy drinking carbonated Italian water from a plastic bottle, I cringe at the thought of the domestic bottles of water also for sale in the same aisle. How our government is allowing these private firms to purchase water from our natural water tables and sell them in plastic death traps. I looked up some figures recently and while I cannot vouch for their validity, I am not surprised if they are in fact accurate. Companies are purchasing aquifer water/spring water for as cheap as $0.40 a megalitre. I may have just created a new word there, but the price is ridiculous!

While this water is attained for next to nothing, these same companies are bottling it and selling it back to us for a very nice premium. I pay more for bottled Italian water than I do for gas, mind you the water is travelling overseas...hmm....but this price is not as far off as the same water we purchase from domestic sources.

It is getting quite ridiculous, when we face a generation that suffers from obesity, but scratch our heads when trying to figure out why most people turn to bottled beverages like Coca Cola as opposed to simply water.

One part of this is mass marketing, which makes us believe the drinks we consume are good for us...either socially or literally physically...vitamin water as an example of such BS. Next though is the price of the alternative, if our government really wanted to curb obesity, they could investigate initiatives that you know...promote the healthy stuff. Instead of allow companies to drain our natural water sources and resell it for a premium, maybe socialize these sources and contain the amount we suck out of them and offer the water for free?

If you have the choice on a hot Canadian summer day, one of the approximate 2 months we get of the stuff, would you be tempted at a FREE bottle of Canadian water from a reusable source rather than a costly beverage of Diet Coke or other pop?

This may not be the solution to all of our immediate problems both health wise and regarding the environment, but for the sake of The Political Road Map, it would be a move in the right direction.

What do you think?

Until Next Time!

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