Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Our Strength Is In Our Differences

A letter from an unknown Canadian to the American people.
While I imagine the majority of America is upset over the recent closure of the government, I suspect that more anger is felt because of the sheer indecision between the republicans and democrats.
As an outsider looking in, It is hard not to question the lunacy that seems to call itself politics in America, then I look at my own system and I see a truth that exists strongly in American politics. If you cannot come to a conclusion, you stand still until one is found and as obvious as it may sound my American friends, this is where you and yoir government currently stand.
Yes, I know that many right leaning individuals find it hard to accept that Obamacare is becoming a reality, but I wish to ask you only to consider one thing. If a member of your family was to fall ill and not have the support of you to assist them or the money to pay for a procedure, would it be right to turn a cheek and allow them to suffer?
Does not a single republican exist that worships the teachings of Jesus Christ, who himself proclaimed that what you do to the least among you, you do to him?
I see countless accusations that the idea of universal health care is nothing more than an accelerated form of socialism and we cannot have that can we? However, I ask the not a family to a form of socialism? The family unit in essence is rooted on a foundation of socialism and often implemented as such as well. You care for your family and thus sacrifice for the well being of another.
America is no different than a family of 300,000,000 different people. In fact, I argue that America is more of a family than even Canada...that isnt easy for me to say, but you understand why it is important!
A country that sends it sons and daughters to fight for the freedom of its citizens, should not think twice when asked to put a little aside for the well being of another!
Look at Canada as an example my American brothers and sisters! We Canadians acknowledge that our system always needs work and is not perfect, but show me a system that is and lets talk about it!
While universal health care in America will be far from perfect on the get go, it will be the key to not only improving your beautiful country, but also making your people stronger. A healthier work force, a stronger bond between citizens and more importantly a fairer diversification of responsibility.
I will leave you with this simple thought...while your government currently suffers from an indecision caused by difference, remember that in your differences lies a distinct strength and more importantly that the American melting pot that is your dream is not only yours, but that of every single breathing and hell even dead American to have existed.
Obama is not destroying your system with socialism America, he is simply making the American dream new again with a little help from your friends!  Keep dreaming, keep helping your fellow American and if your still not convinced look to Canada to see that universal health care is not your enemy, but a door to a new paradigm of thought in one of the best countries in the world!
An unknown Canadian

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