Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Adult Assembly Required: The Leader And The Boss

For all of you rednecks who voted Harper into power, wait...redneck really isn't a nice term to use, maybe all of you sheep? is more like, all of you trained seals who voted Harper into power, I hope you are happy!!!!

One does not have to look far in the media to see how a party that propped itself up as a transparent example of salvation for Canada, is now beginning to crumble from within. While two Liberal leaders collapsed in their journey to unseat Harper from his throne, it appears that what I suspected all along seems to be coming to fruition. I cannot take any of the credit for this though, because many of you out there knew this was coming. A time, when the man who ran every aspect of his party and played out his politics so that it would come across as perfectly orchestrated, saw the possibility of an end.

It is pretty sad, when I discuss with friends who happen to support the Conservative ideology and hear them explain how they worry because Stephen Harper has been in power for to long. Power of the kind given to any man has the potential to overcome that man and lead him astray. If the events of the few days and examples from the past few months are any example, we see that the well brushed, perfectionist image of Stephen Harper, in reality is founded on pillars of salt.

I tried using my Duffy buck to pay for dinner the other night, but my server did not seem to understand the authenticity or political implications of the bill I handed her. I don't know what to fear more...the fact that the waitress didn't catch on to the joke or that she had no idea who Mike Duffy really is?

Either way, we now have a Conservative backbencher who has recently become an independent MP, because he no longer can stand the treatment and puppeteering that Harper has put into place. One must not be surprised that this MP from Alberta was a backbencher all along, since anyone who questions Harper, should not guarantee to get any time in the media if he has any control over it. It is sad when a member of our government has to become a turncoat against his own party to even get some media attention. While the party and institution we should be looking to in order for guidance, prosperity and development turns away from us, we as Canadians are left to fend for ourselves.

This brings me to the notion of the leader and the boss. What is a true leader? What would you consider a boss? I have dipped into this topic long ago, as I questioned how a political player defines themselves when given a taste of power.

Do you take this power and command those below you to do your bidding, much like a boss? Or do you take your responsibility and power and motivate others to prosper? For even the slightest possibility of gain and prosperity should push us as people to work a little bit harder everyday.

If anything, Stephen Harper and the majority of his party have redefined what it means to be a Conservative. Truthfully, it is not farfetched to proclaim that all Conservatives are independents in the current affairs of Canadian politics, because they seem to portray an ideal of me, myself and I as opposed to you, me and the whole gang. How can a government promote power through diversity and strength among numbers, when all it wants to do is further empower the few over the many and impose a system of boss and worker, not leader and comrades, as a government should?

Keep your eyes open for more turncoats in the coming months after the house resumes from it's summer recess, because it appears that what Stephen Harper lauded as his government of strength, is now beginning to show its fragile innards.

Ask yourself how this kind of behavior and overall attitude is good for any country's direction, because realistically, it is not.

Until Next Time!

Harper's Empire 3.0

Have you ever wondered why restaurants, either fast-food or sit down, spend so much money telling you to be hungry and choose them as your provider of food? Step back and think about this for a minute, because the equation seems fairly simple. If you are hungry, you naturally want to eat in order to satisfy this hunger, so you go and make some food, but realistically you work hard at your job and life makes you constantly busy, so you do not have time to make food, because then you sacrifice time you feel you do not have. Then we have these restaurant chains that spend millions of dollars not only reinforcing this hunger, but fooling us into believing their food is not only plentiful, but good for you! This occurs every second and even though the food offered by these companies is usually sub par, we buy into it every time, because that is the beauty of marketing, it is the foundation of a capitalist market.

Stephen Harper is arguably the most powerful man in Canada, being the Prime Minister he has the Canadian military as his disposal and even though his majority is slowly imploding, is safe from any hostile take overs from the opposition party.

With all of this power and influence you would think that Harper would make the effort of creating drastic and necessary changes to our system to ensure a healthier and sustainable Canada. Put into motion the necessary steps to reinforce the average Canadian and ensure that we remain the most beautiful country in the world.

While in an ideal world Harper would be successful in accomplishing these kinds of changes, in reality we are left with this...

 $50,000 Canadian dollars, directly provided by the taxpayers to paint the airbus that carries our Prime Minister overseas. 

Upon first glance...does this not remind you of something else painted in a similar way?

This is simply another example to add to the list so far that Harper has given to us regarding his Canadian Empire!!!!

Couple this beauty of a paint job with the overall "success" of the economic action plan and it is very difficult to argue that our Prime Minister is inefficient. We all know, that just because the government is doing know the government should do and maintain infrastructure and repair roads, we should totally buy into the fact that these actions create jobs and the Conservative party of Canada is solely responsible for this.

This is why when having a discussion with someone who's paradigm of thought is entrenched to the right, I will usually just assume they are wrong in my head and nod and smile while they speak. So as to avoid countless hours of arguments over the same topic and any loss of brain cells.

Then there is this...

To anyone who supports any ideology or thought leaning slightly to the left, we see a blue lobster, the result of a regular lobster that has a genetic defect altering it's natural colour. Genetic defects aside, this lobster is quite beautiful, as beautiful as a lobster can be.

Now, if you show this to Stephen Harper or anyone from his government, you will witness wide eyed gasps proclaiming this lobster to be a natural sign that the Conservatives are God sent. Harper might just authorize a few million to build a gazebo-shrine dedicated solely for this lobster.

Remember how fast food places and restaurants spend millions of dollars on marketing to get you to buy their food, which usually isn't that good to begin with?

Well...Harper has been watching and his government seems to be doing the same thing to Canadians.

The question continues to ask itself...will Canadians continue to accept this type of treatment with apathy or will the next election bring a much needed change? 

Until Next Time!