Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Oh Poor Rob Ford...Oh Poor Toronto Buffets!!!!

While many people are still working on their beach bodies and taking care to eat right and live healthy, poor Rob Ford is suffering as a stress filled wretched soul! I can only imagine how awkward and embarrassed Rob Ford must be feeling with all of this media buzz and gossip about him, why...with all of this attention and fame you would think the guy was the mayor of Toronto or something...Being an individual with a heavier set, I understand that Rob Ford must be eating his stress like crazy, I mean realistically he cannot go to anyone and talk about the conspiracy regarding his "alleged" crack use.

You may be wondering why I have waited until now to finally release an entry on the scandal that seems to have been with us for such a while? Well, it is exactly because of this that I have decided to put forth my opinion. I cannot believe the media frenzy that has been created over an as of yet seen video showing the mayor of Toronto smoking something. I mean, if anything could help strengthen "Ford Nation" even more and bring his followers and supporters together, this has got to be it. While many believe they are exposing a truth about Ford that will ultimately ruin him, I sit here and scratch my head. Without proper proof and with all of the attention put on Ford, I can only see him becoming stronger after this controversy, especially if he is able to attain said video and conceal it, if he has not already. I would even go as far as to speculate that Ford staged this little stunt himself, if not to shake things up and put the attention back on himself, maybe to get the chance to really have the media act like a fool while they attempt to crucify him.

All of this stress for poor mayor Rob Ford and more importantly all of this stress for the various buffet style restaurants within his reach. I can only imagine how much stress eating is going on while Ford processes all of this material. How a man who dedicated himself to fight the gravy train, is now consuming it along with various types of potatoes, beef and mixed veggies. 

  What worries me more however is this supposed drug dealer who speaks a language other than English and wants $200,000 Canadian dollars for this 5 minute clip of Ford and a pipe. The fact that we are willing to pay such an individual this type of money for such material is more of an indicator of the society we live in than it is a bashing of Rob Ford. I wonder...if said individual was a convicted child molester or outspoken supporter of fundamentalism...would we be so eager to raise the funds for the same material? Or is a drug dealer more credible in Toronto as an informant? We as a collective Ford bashing society have for sure been watching to many movies.

Look what I can dood for Toronto!

I will keep this entry short, but I want to leave you all with this warning, because this media fiasco not only has the potential to tell us what we already know about Ford, but also leave a social precedent that could harm others.

Rob Ford is a horrible mayor, this is common fact and if you disagree with me than you have that right, but those who support me in this opinion need to really consider the important boundaries regarding the Ford video. If Ford did in fact smoke crack out of a pipe and not mention it to anyone, do we condemn him and further label others who suffer from this addiction or do we extend a helping hand and provide assistance?

Think about this before you jump to pay a delinquent of society $200,000 just because you think your mayor is an asshole. 

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