Friday, 31 May 2013

Hello My Name Is...

Picture yourself at a party standing next to a man like Henry Morgentaler, chatting away about various topics and divulging in the cocktail party lingo that one might often run into during such events. Now, Stephen Harper and Tony Clement break through a window, throw a case of beer in the centre of the room and start verbally teasing everyone in the room.

You may be wondering where the point to this random scenario comes in and I sadly must admit there really is no clear point at all. However, I can imagine you smiled when the thought of good ol Steve came into your head wearing an outlandish party outfit and screaming: "Party on the peoples money! Partaaaaaay on the peoples monaaaaaay!"

The sad reality is that this scene isn't to far from the truth when looking at the current affairs in Canadian politics. We have a Toronto mayor raiding buffets and smoking as much crack as the street can provide, while a Conservative government continues to embarrass itself with constant examples of unprofessionalism that should embarrass us all as Canadians. 

it is Friday night and instead of reading this you should be preparing to go out and have a great time, the work week has come to an end for the majority of us and while we still have to pay our way through life via hard labour or the distant dream of the lottery, we can relax as we know that others have their meal paid for in full and like our good friend Mr. Duffy has shown...when your in a's alright to get a little help from your friends.
Out of respect to the creator, this image will remain until I get enough emails to remove it (like 1000) or a lawyer comes to my door! A piece of genius!

The bank of Canada has a problem with this excellent piece of art! So, being good Canadians, I want you all to copy this image and print it off, give it to your friends, throw it to the impoverished in the street or just donate it to your local church!

As much fun as the party is, there is always a time where it has to come to an end and everyone has to look up and realize...Monday is coming!

So, I wish you all a great Friday night, Saturday morning and know that while you may act silly, drink like a fish or eat at a buffet, your probably still acting more mature than the elected officials currently running our government!!!!

Until Next Time! 

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