Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hahahaha Clement Hahahahaha...Nice Joke!

Tony Clement to bring in performance reviews for public sector employees. "if your not performing, prepare to be out."

What a joke!

I wonder if Tony Clement has some type of performance review that dictates if he keeps his job? Oh yes, I believe he does...it is called an election...and looking at the recent findings for the 2011 Conservative victory, we know how he and his party handles their performance reviews, with thieving, nontransparent and corrupt tactics!

I find it so funny and so embarrassing that an individual who proudly calls himself a supporter of Stephen Harper can even think of further lamenting our hard working public sector employees, when he barely has the moral ground to call himself a public servant.

For the sake of the people and for those who dedicate themselves to work on behalf of the government and Canadian people, how about Tony Clement begin with an audit of his own party and introduce mandatory income reductions based on employment violations. If your skirting the system and not fulfilling the promise you have made to those you serve, you should be punished by losing the income that said population provides to you.

This entire proposition is another example of Harper's overall union bashing, worker submission and pro manager stance. Of course the top public office is safe from such reviews, but lets make it harder for the unionized employees who serve Canadians day in and out.

This government has burnt out and needs to go. We as a collective people need to show it the door and bring in someone who is not only going to support the many over the few, but also introduce a more productive Canada through innovation and support, not fear and a loss in the quality of life this beautiful country is famous for!

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