Sunday, 27 January 2013

Watch Out! Mayor Ford Is Hungry!

So, what do you know...Canadian politics has decided to take a huge u-turn and Rob Ford has won his appeal to remain Mayor of Toronto.

Whoever thought having a legal team could be so useful?

Ford is back in office and has developed quite a hunger from this entire ordeal. Quite literally in this case, as he is more of an emotional eater like myself. The stress alone must have added thousands of calories alone to the meal he is going to be served now that his power has remained. The sad, but also quite humorous, thing is that most of this emotional eating will probably be covered by Ford's expense budget, which comes from you, the taxpayers of Toronto.

The first thing that came to mind upon hearing the news though was that of Napoleon  Bonaparte. He and Ford have much in common the way the Toronto city council dealt with his case. I mean, Ford was literally exiled from office and politics in general by the courts, but also by those in the very council he serves on. The only main difference however, is that while Napoleon ingested so much poison that his system rejected it, Ford came a big ol butterball turkey of political death and destruction.

Municipal politics in Toronto are going to get very interesting in the coming months and also very scary. You can easily bet that with a successful appeal, Mayor Ford is going to be on a warpath and is not going to take any prisoners, not to mention that his Conservative agenda is going to be screaming through like a bat out of hell!

Rob quickly! To the buffet!!!!

I can sit here all day and poke fun at Mayor Ford, but I would really be interested in hearing all of your thoughts and opinions regarding this topic. Are you mad? Happy? In Despair? Or just apathetic to it all? 

So once again, a fair and important warning to the people of Toronto, Mayor Ford is one HUNGRY politician now, better bring back that "car tax" in order to cover the excess expenses related to his comfort eating and vengeance food binges!

I almost wish the Argonauts lost the Grey Cup last year, because given the bet wagered to donate the losers weight in food to charity...hunger as we know it would no longer exist if Mayor Ford lost. No one still truly knows just how much he does weigh...(OK no more jokes, I am done). 


So please, post your thoughts, arguments and overall opinions in the comment section and tell me if you agree that this hungry!

Until Next Time!

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