Friday, 14 December 2012

The Essence of Innocence...Why Good People Become Targets

December 14, 2012,

While many of you were busy spending money on Christmas gifts or at work like myself, a young man, armed with an arsenal of weapons and his soon to be deceased brother's ID walked into an elementary school and took the lives of 28 people, 20 of them being children.

The details of what happened next are only important for the law enforcement officials investigating the crime scene. Everything else falls on to the important question of how something like this could have occurred?
Why do terrorists bomb plazas? Why do gunmen aim at often innocent and unarmed individuals?

Death is a natural progression within humanity and society at large, we are born and we eventually die. What is key however, is the importance of progression, we live to grow and eventually hope to die in old age. When the lives of people are taken away in such a cruel manner and "before their time", people stand back in awe and begin to question. This is a normal process during a time of crisis and here at The Political Road Map, it is relied upon as an important tool.

Do the victims a favor and yourself one to, do not worry about who this gunman was. Christmas is just around the corner, focus your energy on understanding why this action happened and more importantly on the essence of innocence and life. Unfortunate events like the one that has occurred today can be categorized as a "something has to eventually give" moment, defined only as something that makes you stand still and question why you are here. This is also why madmen, terrorists and dictators alike use violence against good and innocent people, because in society we have defined how an average life should be lived out and no one wants to die today or tomorrow. We want to live and have families and grow together, under the safety net that we believe we live in.

This is why it is important that we do not publicize the name of the individual responsible for such a disgraceful act. You want to stop further actions like this from happening, then you need to learn to deny these individuals the negative publicity they seek. You see, whether this cowardly action occurs on the micro or macro level, it is done simply to gather a name for the individual(s) involved. Breaking the safety net we call society is how individuals believe they will be remembered or become idolized among others like them. If we deny these individuals that fame, we make progress toward prohibiting this kind of activity.

More importantly, our politicians need to start thinking about legislation that focuses on aiding individuals with mental illness or depression, because often times many of these brutal events are the direct result of someone falling between the cracks and thus entering a grey zone. Feeling alone, these individuals who are screaming for help, are left with nothing but emptiness that they unfortunately end up filling with anger. 

Give your family an extra hug tonight and count your blessings, you exist, your alive and were lucky enough to not be in the path of a bullet today. If only people would consider these important questions on a daily basis and not only when something bad has happened, who knows what progress we could achieve.

Peace Upon You,

Until Next Time!

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