Monday, 5 November 2012

To My American Friends: A Day Before The Election, What Is Up?

To all of my American friends (All 3 of you), how have you been? I know it's been a tough past four (4) years, well...let's be realistic, the past twelve (12) years have been pretty tough. That being said though, let us all not forget that as tough as it has been, it could have been a lot tougher, so it is always important to look at the bright side of things. 

It is often recommended that a person be given the chance to get a second opinion regarding important changes in their life. In the case of the election, I want to give you that "second opinion" regarding who you should choose tomorrow.

Coming from Canada, a country located outside of the United States and located geographically right beside you ...or above you, but not in the mean way above you as to make you feel inferior, we are just more north, which is why we like snow, since it usually snows more up north. However, regarding the snow, this thing called climate change is causing it to become a lot warmer here, so we do not get much of it where I am from. I have lobbied the government, but our current right-wing government seems to not know what global warming is...since they argue it's still damn cold. Anyways, enough of Canada, let's focus back on your country.

From the limited, but informative glimpses I have been given regarding your election, I can see that there is some very severe internal strife occurring between your people and of course like many other things in this world...your all mad at each other because of money. To make you feel better...a lot of people get mad over money, just look at the divorce rates in my country and yours and one can see that money is probably one of the main reasons why they get so nasty. Now...if you vote Mitt in tomorrow as your president, do not expect this to change, well change for the better that is, since his policies will most likely make money much much much more scarce for people like you and I. Mr. Obama says he wants to help your country and I believe him, but money will still be scarce, because he is going to need it to build all of the infrastructure and energy changes to your current system. Sure it will cost a lot, but your air and water will become a lot cleaner and heck ...if things get really drastic overseas, you might just make a lot of money with the jobs his ideas will create. Mitt Romney wants to create jobs to, but he really hasn't said much about how he intends to do it...which makes one believe that his job creation will come at the command of the top rich people of America, which might seem good, but also gives them more power than they deserve in my opinion.

Then comes to the more important topic of Canada, which seems to have been left out of almost all of the debates. What will happen to my beautiful country, if your country decides to adopt fundamentalist right-wing thought that wants to push for energy production and totally disregard global warming all together? Will I ever get to see snow again? Will I ever have a white Christmas? Not with Mitt Romney and to be honest, it does not look to good even with Obama, but a little bad is sometimes much better than the chance of a lot of bad right??

Alright, I know you have heard a lot lately regarding the election and I am sorry that I have written this very long message to you, so I am going to break down some key points I want you to consider when your casting your vote tomorrow.

1. Barack Obama may seem like an outsider who has not done much, but he cares for your country, while Mitt Romney only seems to care about the country(club) and those who can afford to attend it.

2. Lets be realistic...we all love snow and global warming is happening, so come panels and wind turbines for the win! More importantly, living sustainably for the win! Leave all that conflict oil in Saudi Arabia and put money towards your own good causes and out of terrorist tyrants coin purses!!!!

3. Is America really prepared for a Mormon president? I mean you guys JUST elected your first visible minority as president, don't you want to give him a little more time to get passed all of the pressure? No one's first time is easy and it takes time to get better afterwards, which is why you shouldn't just jump the gun and kick the guy out!

4. Obama seems to represent what many republicans would associate as old school moderate to the right thinking, you call him a socialist, but he has done a lot to help big business and if anything is a corporate socialist. Those bailouts didn't keep the poor clinging to tons of cash, but Wall Street still has it's bonuses right?

5. Mitt Romney seems to have trouble getting his facts and numbers correct. Yes, he alienated 47% of you, but in his "binders full of women", he will most likely determine that the remaining 53% equals around 100% of the, I mean come on!!!!

6. Women, American women in this case, if your not all over Obama, then I am just shocked! I mean, lately a lot of girls seem to be more independent and less willing to let just any man into their personal circle,it usually takes a few dates before your comfortable inviting him for a coffee, so why the hell would you vote for a guy who wants to govern your vagina and not even pay for dinner on the first date, second or ever!?!?!?!?!

So remember my American friends, use your head tomorrow and try and find that hope still urging in your heart. I know a lot of things might distract you and honey boo boo might be on, but I know you can muster up enough strength to overcome the smoke and mirrors that have been this election. Good luck and know that as a Canadian from Canada (Right above you geographically) we will stand by you as an ally, but I swear...if you guys vote Romney in, I am going to rip you a new one!

Until Next time...

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