Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rob Ford Is Not Out...Only You Can Guarantee That!


People of the blogosphere and the vast and complicated landscape known as politics!


Simply because Mayor Rob Ford is not guaranteed out of the top spot in Toronto municipal politics any time soon, the judge may have given his verdict, but Ford still has a wide array of legal and political avenues that can bring him back into power.

Although many of you probably already know this, it is very important to outline that Ford can go ahead and protest the verdict by appealing the judges decision.

Next, if that does not work, Ford can run in a bi-election, if one is chosen to find a proper candidate to replace him.

Finally, if all else fails, Ford has the option of running once again in the 2014 election and will essentially be given a clean slate if he somehow comes to power.

This is why it is important for the people of Toronto and the rest of Canada to listen in to my advice, because it is not only simple, it is also super effective at removing what many call a "big fat slob" of a political joke.

When the election comes around, be it a bi-election or full blown municipal one, you need to get out there and simply...VOTE!

If the people really want Mayor Ford out of office for good, they need to send him a clear message and gather, organize and actually follow through with their words. Voting is the most effective way to keep Ford out of office and hopefully find a more suitable and honest replacement.

It is crucial that you vote even more so, because Mayor Ford has a fairly dedicated following, who will organize in numbers and vote if it is required.

Tell me what you think about this news and my proposed solution. How did you react when you heard the news about Mayor Rob Ford? Do you live or work in Toronto and how has he affected your daily life, if he has at all, since becoming mayor? 

I have to say, I was very shocked when I heard the news that the verdict had passed and Ford was out of office. I mean, of all the stupidity and overall rude behaviour he has shown the people of Toronto, I never would have guessed that a charitable donation on behalf of inner city children who play football, would be the final nail in his political coffin.

Just goes to show you that the world is one very random and exciting place, especially in the political sphere!

Until Next Time!

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