Monday, 22 October 2012

Thank You Mr. Harper, But No Thank You

Apparently, Either Stephen Harper or his staff take the time to read this blog and have apparently decided to take from it ideas to contribute towards their policy making.

For this Mr. Harper, I thank you, but I also ask that you also take this blog seriously. I understand it does not possess the flashy photos and gadgets that other established political outlets may currently have, but that should not take away from the legitimacy and importance of the words displayed here.

I mention this in tonight's entry, because of the latest buzz heard across the country regarding the Chinese bid to take accrue some land within the tar/oil sands. I found it very interesting that the government literally took my blog entry entitled: "Sell Alberta to the Chinese", quite literally.

Now...Mr. Harper, I understand you may have taken from my entry that it was ok to allow Alberta to fall into the hands of the Chinese and their large demand for oil, but please please please step back and take a big look at what this proposed deal does to not only the future of our country, but also the legitimacy of your government.

Why is that we shun countries on the international scene because of their human rights records and close our embassies in their respective country, but open our arms and our country to the Chinese, who possess no better of a human rights record themselves?

More importantly, when many Canadians wish to see more refinements of the tar sands within Canada, we choose to further export this non-renewable resource abroad and then spend the profits as soon as possible. This not only contributes to the "Dutch Disease" we currently are plagued from, but also guarantees that future generations will not benefit from the natural resources we currently possess. What has our government done in the area of renewable resources such as solar or wind? Has their been any major contribution to these areas or thought of contributing towards other renewable projects such as wave energy or geothermal?

With regards to your party Mr. Harper, you shun your enemies for their political and social backwardness and then stick your foot in your mouth in order to appease those who you think are your friends, only to accept short term profits and long term regrets. How is it that in a Capitalist system, Canada cannot nationalize it's own oil production, but we can easily sell the rights to another country that is more than happy to nationalize it themselves??????

Do yourself and Canada a huge favor Mr. Harper and deny the $15 Billion Nexen oil takeover by the Chinese. I understand that it does take a very long time to count to 15 Billion, but understand that this money is a drop in the bucket compared to the national benefits our country and people will accumulate in time over the resources extracted by this company, while in Canadian hands. A fun fact for you and those reading this is that it would take an individual counting to a 15 billion around 475.50 years to complete it, granted they took one second per number.

So, in closing, please Mr. Harper, continue to read this blog and accept my gratitude for the time you have taken to click on my links and digest my words. I hope you make the best decision possible for Canada and think about the Canadians who live here, before appeasing the market urges your current agenda gives you. Put the forbidden fruit of China down and look toward the future as opposed to the immediate present, we have a lot more to lose from this deal than just security over our own power and resources, but more important our overall sovereignty.

Keep Alberta in Canadian hands and learn how to figure out when someone is making a joke at your expense already!!!!

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