Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Harper Question

I often mention in this blog examples and explanations regarding political direction. Of my entries, some of the most common questions I have asked are: In which direction are you heading and is your government heading in the same direction? Give or take a few words here and there and  this is the main question that the Political Road Map begs to ask.

There has been a lot of buzz in the media and from various other sites on both blogger boards and user comment boards that have calculated the number of so called mishaps our current Prime Minister has done. As it is my objective with this blog to ask questions and spark intellectual debate, I thought I would focus on an important question I think many Canadian's need to think about.

Should we allow Stephen Harper to continue on as the Prime Minister of Canada? 

I risk treason by asking this question, but I feel that as a citizen of this country and as an individual who cares about the prosperity and health of this country, I must ask it. 

Many of you may have had this same question in your own mind, while others may believe this question as nonsense. Then there are those who understand the question, but further question how it could be done if we decide that Harper is no longer fit to serve. 

To help those who believe it is impossible to remove Stephen Harper from his position, I want to post a few suggestions that are not impossible, but are difficult to employ.

1. Assassination: This is the wrong thing to even think, but I put it down as there is most likely someone crazy enough to think this to be the proper way of removing someone from power. Yes, our country recently has supported many different regime changes that employed this method, however we are a free and democratic country and as such we follow the rules, even though our Prime Minister does not. 

2. Impeachment: Technically, you cannot impeach a Prime Minister like you can a President, but removal from office can occur and as such it would be just like an impeachment. Our system mirrors the British system and as such we can remove a Prime Minister from office and also charge and or fine the individual based on the crime and a conviction of such crime. 

3. If the Supreme Court rules that our Prime Minister is guilty of a crime, they can motion to have the Governor General remove the Prime Minister and a replacement be found. Now, there has never been a case in our history that has led to this, but that does not mean it cannot happen. 

3a. The Governor General also has the ability to remove the Prime Minister if events call that would only be solved via this solution. So, for example: If we were to start a petition that was deemed official and followed the proper petitioning avenues, with enough signatures and overall response, could pressure the Governor General to consider the removal of our leader. This would require a lot of networking and national cohesion to be completed, but if required is perfectly legal within our system.

4. Revolution/Protest: Our friendly students in Quebec have shown us that they are not sheepish and as a result will fight for what they believe is right. If mass protest were to occur across Canada against our government, that could pressure Harper to get a clue...or call in more riot police, but again is a possibility given the political climate we live in. 

5.  A citizens arrest: If I provide sufficient proof that beyond a reasonable doubt the Prime Minister had committed a crime or anyone for that matter, a citizens arrest is possible. Granted, in reality this would be next to impossible as the Prime Minister's security would take me down before I could get within 5 feet of the man, so even though it is possible, its not realistic. 

So these are five possible reasons/options in taking down the Prime Minister if you believe he is in breach of his duty to the Canadian people.

As always, I want you to look at yourself and look around you and ask: Do you know where your going? Do you think the government is going in a direction that benefits the majority of Canadians?  

Tell me what you think and we will chat soon.  

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