Tuesday, 24 April 2012

That's My Woman!

Tuesday April 24, 2012

Today I witnessed something that I have been looking for in our political system for a very long time. Provincially, the NDP and Liberals came to an agreement that not only dodged an election, but implemented changes that will affect the entire province as a whole in a positive way.

Who was it that started these talks and ultimately pushed for this change? My girl Andrea Horwath, leader of the provincial NDP. Now, let me get one thing straight, Andrea really isn't my girl per say, but I have a lot more respect for her as a leader given today's results. What she did on the political scene can often be compared to a game of Russian Roulette.

Put pressure on the ruling minority party and risk a possible election after only 6 months from a prior election in a move that implements something your party believes in. That takes a lot of guts on the political scene.

What exactly changed today? If you have to ask this than I am glad you are reading this blog, today a tax on the rich was implemented provincially, this tax will affect those who make over $500,000.00 a year and hovers around a 3% increase mark. Liberal leader Dalton Mcguinty was willing to fight this proposal to an election because he did not want to back off on his original campaign promise of not raising taxes, even though he has raised them twice since election.

Andrea and the NDP proposed this increase as a way of showing some fairness to Ontarians, who lately feel like they have no options to grow in this economy and to make matters worse are witnessing an increase in taxation on themselves added to an increase on essential services like electricity and home heating.

I believe this tax is fair and realistically most people who make over $500,000.00 will see an increase in taxation of about $3000.00 and change a year. Hardly anything to cry about when your income is that much, I know I would personally welcome this change if my annual income fit the criteria, but there will most likely be individuals who will voice discontent with this change regardless of the benefits it will have on us all.

This whole event really does reinforce the need for more negotiation and less partisan politics within our system. Our country has a diverse history known for strength, growth and innovation and our national motto reflects life, liberty and good governance. It is heart warming to witness events like today that see parties working towards helping the average citizen as opposed to the all to common partisan bickering that goes on.

What about the PC's though? They were against the proposal from the beginning and stood by their decision as they voted against it in the house of commons and have also vowed to fight it to the end. Tim Hudak is still fighting for an Ontario that is more deregulated in an attempt to spawn more business ventures and create more private sector employment.

What do you think about this? Is a 2-3% tax increase on the rich fair or does it fall short of what we really need to fight this deficit?

Until next time!

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