Saturday, 21 April 2012

Adult Assembly Required: Budget?420?Election?

Whoever coined the saying: "Everything you need in life you learned in kindergarten", should not only take full credit for it, but also start collecting royalties.

This week our political system has been riddled with politicians screaming back and forth with regards to the new budgets proposed at the federal and provincial levels. The yelling has gone on for so long and has been so loud, that I am starting to think that our elected officials are more busy playing schoolyard games as opposed to supporting the people of Canada...hence why I started the series adult assembly required.

Looking at the provincial level of our system, one can see that Ontario consists of some of the worst childish politics in the country. We have the provincial NDP led by Andrea Horwath pushing for modifications to the budget and continuously hinting that an election could be just around the corner, even though it is not her first choice.

Let me comment on this activity as...a huge mistake! We have the Liberal party who historically has been known to love elections and be good at winning them and than we have the provincial NDP trying to live off the hype created by their federal counter parts. I understand that the NDP is trying hard and would greatly appreciate it if Ontario gave them another shot at running the province, but all of this talk about a possible election if conditions are not meant is doing nothing but harm for the party in my opinion. While all of this goes on, we have the PC's making their own requests, but also sitting back and watching and this is where the danger lies.

Say no to another election! Its part of our system, but dangerous right now!

Lets say that another election is theoretically called in two days and the government has lost confidence among the parties. While the NDP is hoping to raise the voices of the common individual and gain more power, they put themselves at risk of losing support over the fact that another costly election has been called in hard times.

Do not get me wrong, elections are good in our system, they keep things fresh and allow the people to voice themselves with regards to the leadership in place. However, elections also cost money and although they create employment among the parties, they ultimately cost the taxpayer and add to the deficit our province currently has. While I think it is smart on behalf of the NDP to play chicken with the Liberals, I do not believe it is within their political interest to continue on this route as support may very well drift from them back to the Liberals or worse yet to the PC's who are more likely to take top spot.

Our system should be as fair as possible, we are all responsible for a solution

I find it difficult to watch our current political system in place, when all I see are elected officials worrying about their own political careers and acting for the purpose of saving their own butt as opposed to helping those they lead. This problem seems to be one that continues to arise throughout our society in general and usually results in everyone passing the problem to the next person in an attempt to avoid having the responsibility of finding a solution.

What is causing such a stir right now that has led to the possibility of another election? The NDP have proposed an increase on taxation for those who make over $500,000.00 a year. This minor increase in taxation would help bring in more revenue for the government to disperse on some relief for Ontario's middle class that is currently suffering with the brunt of changes made and austerity measures implemented. This proposition has not been favored by the Liberals and the NDP are using this as a political tool to gain more support as the party fighting for the little guy.

Yesterday was 420, an annual celebration among those who partake in the recreational pleasure of Marijuana. Convenience stores across the country and North America for that matter saw an increase in sales among munchies of 1000%. I wonder how the government could somehow utilize this activity and clean it up to the point where organized crime and the black market lose legitimacy and taxation replaces them? idea, probably need another blog post to touch upon this one...anyways. 

How do you feel about the current situation our political government is in? Would a potential election be justified in an attempt to get the government to side with the people or do we need someone new in power?

Do you feel our politicians are focusing to much on partisan politics as opposed to progressive ideas that will benefit out province and country as a whole?

It is true that governments come and go and a politician is only worried about what can change within a four year period, but I feel this isn't good enough. Historically, our country has been known to work hard in an effort to cause change and not go with the flow, however lately this does not seem to be the case.

Whatever the decision within the next two days, I can only give the NDP this advise: Be careful how you play the party of the people card, because politics in the modern age is a very tricky profession. If the public believes your not ready for power yet, you may get burned.

Hopefully everyone comes to their senses and begin to act more mature as opposed to simply turning the problem into a black and white, he said she said, you wronged me and I am mad affair. The moral and political philosophy that makes up the foundation of our system requires that our elected officials employ their power in a way that creates the most benefits for the greatest number of people. They are not here to act on behalf of one specific group of individuals, but unfortunately there comes a time when this is not the case.

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