Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Adult Assembly Required: A Political Series

If your custom to watching the news or have tuned into CBC lately, you've probably noticed a lot of chatter about the F-35's and the price tag that our government and military for some reason cannot agree on.

Then we have Peter McKay confidently broadcasting that he understood the costs of the F-35's and knew they would be in the range of 25 to 30 Billion. Now,  I know 25 and 35 seem rather small for numbers, but how long do you think it would take me to count to 30 Billion???

I want to say I told you so, because let's face it...I did an entry on this way back when and knew this exact problem would eventually show its ugly head! Stephen Harper used the F-35 offer and the question about Canada's security and sovereignty as an election pillar. Unfortunately, it turns out that many of Harper's critics at the time were actually right.

 This type of information is very dangerous in our Democratic system and although I could gloat as I state that yes my predication was right, it still does not answer the question we were asked even before the most recent federal election.

.:How are we going to replace our current equipment and how will we continue to keep our country safe?:.

We currently have the opposition party screaming bloody murder, McKay stating everything is ok and Harper saying he was mislead. Is this how a government is supposed to work? Are we truly to trust these guys, when they appear to be pulling figures out of they're asses and not really in control themselves?

Yup, that looks like it costs around 15 Billion, ok..check.

This almost makes me want to turn the proceedings over to Bay street and see how good they can handle it, unfortunately, if we allowed our security to be decided by the likes of Kevin O'leary and his corporate savvy friends, we would be under the supervision of PMC's and our sovereignty would remain a topic of concern.

Ok...ok...back to the topic though. I have a hard time understanding how I as an individual can trust a government who does not seem to be on the same path as me. The whole point of this blog and apparently our government, is to show the Canadian people some direction and thus lead us! However, all I seem to hear about lately via various news agencies is that Partisan Politics has dominated our government and nothing seems to be getting done. Realistically, the Harper Conservatives have a strong majority, which means any opposition can be denied easily, but does everything seem to be running as it should?

We have some very comprehensive payment options. "Nope, I'll take it, just charge my plastic."

 I felt it necessary to title my entry "Adult Assembly Required", simply because I keep seeing more and more evidence showing that our elected officials act more like kindergarten students than leaders guiding us. I sadly have to add to this with the facts that show the Canadian people who live under this guidance don't even realize it's happening and attempts to counter it are essentially non-existent.

The direction your government takes in comparison to where you want to be is important and you the individual have the power to shape your destiny. It is very important for the average citizen to be vocal with regards to these important topics. Note that when I say vocal, I do not mean go to your local MP's office and complain like there is no tomorrow, no, that will only get you ignored. You do however have to question and demand and question and further demand that these elected officials step up and answer why they aren't working as hard as they should be. You also need to get more people behind you, start a petition, hold meetings in your home or place of business and get active. Protest if you have to, but try to keep it peaceful or else they might use one of these planes on you!

In an ever changing world with everyone wanting to be a big shot, we as a country need to ensure our security, but more importantly uphold the very system that dictates how our country moves and our lives. Both Canada and the United States need to pressure their elected officials more in order to keep things on track and stop the party politics finger pointing from stopping real progress.

Alternatively, when you have individuals such as these two shown below rebuilding their own countries and throwing cheap shots at you, it is more important to smarten up and get what needs to be done completed. Putin isn't afraid to act like a grown up and Harper better be careful or else he is liable to further damage our country's image with his ineffective rule. It is true that the Arctic is not going to defend itself, but making stupid decisions and delaying the process over a lack of professionalism isn't going to help the matter either.

So, I will finish by further emphasizing how important it is to keep working hard and know the facts, not make them up or work to hide them. If Harper put the effort he and his staff uses to maintain their own image into actually implementing effective policies and decisions, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.

What do you think? Do our officials need to clean up their act or is it futile to even suggest it? Are you willing to pay for the F-35 or do you think there is an alternative plane that can meet our needs for a more reasonable price?

I know the military suggests that the F-35 is the best plane in the world and they very well may be right, but I also know that our government has failed in its obligation to the people of Canada to question the numbers it receives and ensure that no other options exist. What good is security if we spend so much on it that we cannot even ensure our own people are being fed and healthy? (The Bombs vs Butter Debate)

Until next time!

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