Monday, 5 March 2012

New Book, Old Philosophy!

Hello to everyone!

Again, I have not submitted a post in quite some time, mainly due to the fact that I have given into my procrastination. Nevertheless, I do have some interesting topics I am going to be working into entries, I just need to organize them and write them down/type them here.

Depending on the news your currently watching, the world has been quite busy the past few weeks. We have Iran still threatening the world with it's nuclear dreams. The Syrian government is still getting it's civilians confused with terrorists and China and Russia continue to put oil needs in front of the right to protect.

I want to dedicate this entry to Vladimir Putin specifically. What a guy! His aids and party have done marvelous marketing to make him appear as if he has super powers. What are these super powers you ask? Well, he not only called the outcome of the most recent election, he was also right! Yes, Mr. Putin bet his savings on black and got it without even breaking a sweat. So successful was his campaign outcome that one might think it is to good to be true.

People say that when something is to good to be true, it usually is. However, in Russia's case, this cannot be true, because we all know that Russia is a democratic country and Putin in no way wants to resurrect the Soviet Union. Right?

When Putin was in power last, everyone said he was an ex-KGB madman, who wanted nothing more then to resurrect Russia's previous greatness and invite old Soviet satellite nations back to Russia's influence. Now, I have a test for you...I want you to view the series of pictures following this paragraph and ask yourself if Putin is the madman people are currently shouting on the streets of Moscow in protest? 

Can Stephen Harper wear his ear protection upside down and make it look cool, let alone hold a gun?

If dolphins love him, he for sure deserves the presidency, I mean come on! Dolphins aren't Communists are they?

Nothing needed here

Like a boss!
So, if we look past the alleged ballot stuffing, which essentially means that Putin friendly people literally stuffed ballot boxes with duplicates or fake ballots, we see a victory in Russia that was not only destined, but deemed right by Vladimir Putin himself. I mean, when the guy says he is going to win and then eventually does...whats wrong with that?

Nope, I do not smell anything fishy with this election at all, but luckily I am not the only person in the world, maybe the only one to view this blog, but not alone in this world.

So, going off of that, what do you think? Is Vladimir Putin really a fresh look on Russian politics, or do we have a case where a new book is released, just telling us the same thing we already have heard millions of times before?

Until next time!

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