Monday, 12 March 2012

Girls, Please Get More Involved in Politics!

I am shouting out this entry for all of you males and more importantly females out there because enough is enough.

You know why enough is enough? Its enough because every time I post a blog entry about something politically relevant in our society on Facebook, I get the occasional like or comment. I have to literally give out free money to get people interested in my entries and important posts only to be overshadowed by some gossip about Brangelina and their 18th child!!!!!!

Another wave of feminism is long overdue!

Who do I blame for this lack of focus put on important events?

That's right, I am looking at you, GIRLS! Girls are the main culprits of why politics and world events become overshadowed by the mindless garbage that consumerism and reality TV shove down our throats!

Your more concerned if Snooky gets punched in the face by another random guy or if fake people on TV try and marry other fake people than with events that could affect your daily life. No wonder our elections see an ever decreasing voter turnout, our politicians are missing the reality TV BS that somehow attracts so many people to watch it.

Don't for one second think that I am being to hard on these girls, women and ladies! In our society women play an important role, yes aside from the constant jokes about female rights and education levels! Women are our sisters, cousins, friends, lovers, baby makers and coffee dates. A woman is more likely to become a victim of abuse or assault than a man. A woman is biologically responsible for allowing the human race to continue forward via reproduction. A woman is usually the boss in an average household and in modern times has not only maintained this role, but also added to it via her newly found freedom, independence and oh yea...40 hour work week!

So girls, get off the couch, off the reality TV and become more active in your community and political spheres! You can make as much of a difference as any man and in almost all cases will benefit from the progress that arises from it.

Men, also get your woman active and help her appreciate the benefits of the political world!

If more women were active in politics, we wouldn't have had to wait 20 years for Kony 2012, people would have become aware of this problem far sooner and I believe a solution would have already been found!

Woman are smart and amazing and I frankly love them all! However, it pains me to no end, when these smart and beautiful works of art we idolize, date and befriend become lured in by mindless games of emotion that distract them from empowerment.

Girl power ladies and lets get together and cause some real change!

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