Friday, 30 March 2012

Fiscal Responsibility 2012: Let's Sell Alberta to the China!!

So, as many of you should know, but most likely have just discovered, the Conservative government has released it's fiscal budget for 2012. With this very large booklet of paper and numbers comes a continued pledge to balance the books by 2015, just in time for another election! (Yay!)

After some casual reading of this new budget, one can easily see that Mr. Harper has not forgotten his friends and supporters back home in Alberta. The ink on the pages has yet to dry and already people are lamenting over the possibility that these austerity measures are actually real. Some notables to focus on...the cutting of 19,300 public service jobs, the killing of the penny and the fast tracking of proposed energy projects by allowing companies to rush/skip environmental impact studies.

I don't understand why these cuts have to be made and why we really need to put measures in place to speed up the green light that allows companies to drill for oil and gas!? I mean, there is a much more acceptable and rational approach that will be a sure fire way of getting Canada out of this recession and back in the "black" as accountants refer to it.


Alberta shall be known as "You Sheng" or Oil Province of China

That's right, get the oil out of your eyes and understand what I have just proposed. I say the government might as well stop hiding their intentions and just sell the entire physical province of Alberta to China with conditions that grant us royalties for the oil and energy extracted from it!

Stephen Harper loves where he is from and thinks the Conservative party is the only good party for this country. I mean, this budget makes a lot of sense considering Harper's most recent visit to China in an attempt to open more trade and garner a closer partnership. Why not take it a step further and make things interesting? The Chinese will thus be able to fuel their economy in the literal sense and all the while Harper can grin as he eliminates our deficit, while making the Americans huff and puff, all in a single stroke of a pen!

Stephen Harper's Canada

Now you might be saying, this is absolutely crazy! Alberta is currently our only "have" province in Canada and does a lot to support our fiscal strength. That is true, but once that last drop of oil seeps from those sands and once that last bubble of gas comes from a crack in the ground, Alberta is going to drop into "have not" province status in about 5.839672386 milliseconds.

Who wants to be around when that happens, let alone govern a mess like that!? If anything, let China worry about the technicalities, while we bask in the glory of an annual royalty accompanied by a lump sum payment for the initial sale of an entire province. They can even have the work force that occupies Alberta...they go by the name Albertan s or citizens, but if you continue paying them 20 plus dollars an hour, I don't think they will even notice the regime/ownership change!

So, let it be known Canada and the world that I (Anthony) have solved our deficit problem and made the Americans pissed all in one simple solution. We sell Alberta to China, let the corporations suck the life out of it and collect a nice royalty, while our deficit evaporates and these austerity measures lose validity!

Pretty cool right?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Unionize Prostitution!!!!!

I thought I would spice some stuff up as I continue adding entries. I know it has yet again been a while since my last post, but I make a solemn promise today that I will continue putting more effort into this blog and make my posts both more interesting and polished. I just need you the readers to disagree with me and comment or agree with me and comment or just add some more information...just comment please! Oh, also you can sign up to receive my entries when they are released, this would make me a very happy political blogger!

Anyways, to continue on, I was lying in bed one night and the most random idea came to. So random, that I had to write down some facts supporting it and begin thinking of how I could transform it into an entry.

A few months back, the media was buzzing over the Supreme Court ruling that allowed prostitutes or "women of the night" to continue on with their trade in doors and hire staff to ensure their safety. Various religious groups and even feminist groups voiced their disappointment in this, however the ruling has remained.

I believe this ruling was both fair and well thought out Why? Society has utilized the female image for centuries as both an idol for men to chase after and a form of income. Now, I understand that just because something has been going on for centuries, does not mean that it should be allowed to continue on. However, in a Capitalist market, people are free to make their living however they please, so long as it does not break laws or directly impact another person's well being. I believe this ruling is important within our society for two main reasons. One, it allows us to recognize this service as one being conducted by women or dignified human beings as opposed to the term "whores". Secondly, it opens an opportunity for physical safety and disease prevention.

It is difficult to determine why anyone would want to go into a trade like this, but there are people who choose too do this and we all know there are also other people willing to pay for it. Thus in the Capitalist mind set...a system of supply and demand has been established or continues.

Now you may be asking, how does this concern the unions? If we are going to allow such acts to exist within a legal grey area for the sake of female safety, why not take it a step further and promote more safety and stability?

If unions can change themselves in order to adapt to our changing society, they can not only organize these women to demand for better rights within their chosen profession, but also improve in important areas that make this profession dangerous. With organized labor, the implementation of taxation on prostitutes and safety regulations could become a reality. By safety recommendations, I mean the continued supply of both birth control pills and condoms. This is essential in controlling the spread of disease and ensuring to a certain extent the safety of patrons utilizing this service.

Individuals who require services and who are not able to get them would also be aided by union organization, as the system would network them with the right people or services needed. More importantly, it makes the service legitimate and takes it out of the dark alleys and street corners and into the open for more people to both observe and police.

For example, we have a young woman in her teens who has nowhere to go, she has no family to aid her and welfare is not able to cover the rent for herself and her child. She is now forced to turn to prostitution in order to make enough money to both have a roof over her head and food for her child. The choice is not the only she has, but she has chosen it regardless. Would it be right for our society to allow this girl to work in unregulated conditions for just any average Joe willing to beat her for a buck? Or would she have a better chance of both getting help and getting out of this service if an organized system was in place that ensured both her safety and her child's safety?

Some food for thought and I am very interested in what you think about this. Please post your comments and do so in a mature manner.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Girls, Please Get More Involved in Politics!

I am shouting out this entry for all of you males and more importantly females out there because enough is enough.

You know why enough is enough? Its enough because every time I post a blog entry about something politically relevant in our society on Facebook, I get the occasional like or comment. I have to literally give out free money to get people interested in my entries and important posts only to be overshadowed by some gossip about Brangelina and their 18th child!!!!!!

Another wave of feminism is long overdue!

Who do I blame for this lack of focus put on important events?

That's right, I am looking at you, GIRLS! Girls are the main culprits of why politics and world events become overshadowed by the mindless garbage that consumerism and reality TV shove down our throats!

Your more concerned if Snooky gets punched in the face by another random guy or if fake people on TV try and marry other fake people than with events that could affect your daily life. No wonder our elections see an ever decreasing voter turnout, our politicians are missing the reality TV BS that somehow attracts so many people to watch it.

Don't for one second think that I am being to hard on these girls, women and ladies! In our society women play an important role, yes aside from the constant jokes about female rights and education levels! Women are our sisters, cousins, friends, lovers, baby makers and coffee dates. A woman is more likely to become a victim of abuse or assault than a man. A woman is biologically responsible for allowing the human race to continue forward via reproduction. A woman is usually the boss in an average household and in modern times has not only maintained this role, but also added to it via her newly found freedom, independence and oh yea...40 hour work week!

So girls, get off the couch, off the reality TV and become more active in your community and political spheres! You can make as much of a difference as any man and in almost all cases will benefit from the progress that arises from it.

Men, also get your woman active and help her appreciate the benefits of the political world!

If more women were active in politics, we wouldn't have had to wait 20 years for Kony 2012, people would have become aware of this problem far sooner and I believe a solution would have already been found!

Woman are smart and amazing and I frankly love them all! However, it pains me to no end, when these smart and beautiful works of art we idolize, date and befriend become lured in by mindless games of emotion that distract them from empowerment.

Girl power ladies and lets get together and cause some real change!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why Kony 2012 is Important, But Not Close to Being Enough

I have just viewed the Kony 2012 video and like most of you I feel a sense of sorrow and support for the Invisible Children's Organization's efforts. This video does a great job of capturing the viewer and through an emotional plea is able to portray why the events currently going on in many parts of Africa need to really come to an end.

The problem I am currently having with the Kony 2012 campaign is that it unfortunately aims at stopping a symptom rather than the problem that currently plagues many children in war torn or underdeveloped areas. Lets face it people, children ARE the number one victim in this world and this happens not just because of war, but because of a slew of many different factors as well.

I dare you to ask yourself what is currently going on in Uganda politically and from where it originated. Every problem can usually be mapped out like a road map, we see where issues occurred that started a conflict and after a series of events, we can map out how the conflict has grown or shrunk depending on its ferocity today. The conflict currently going on in Uganda has been occurring since the 1980's and is essentially a continuous battle between the Ugandan military and the Lords Resistance Army/Movement.

Joseph Kony is nothing more then a Catholic terrorist, who uses the cheapest supply around to conduct his fear campaigns. He is no different then Islamic extremists who use children for human shields or Indonesian pimps who them to make money from powerful western business men. The same powerful western business men who appear to be part of the solution for this campaign.

What I am worried about is that people are going to support this cause blindly, help Invisible Children make a few extra bucks and add some new sponsors and after all is said and done believe that capturing Kony is the end game and then children will be safe, because they wont.

We have a rebel/terrorist movement fighting on behalf of a crazy idea that God has chosen these individuals to defend their people. The people in question in this specific conflict are the Acholi people of Uganda, who currently reside in the Northern part of the country, also the part of the country that suffers from rampant underdevelopment and poverty as the majority of wealth comes from the south.

Do not get me wrong, I applaud the Kony 2012 movement, the people are strong and if anyone puts this man to trial it should be the people of his homeland, the people he has directly wronged. Any outside involvement aiding this conflict should come in the form of advice to the Ugandan government.

What advice you may ask? Implement economic diversity programs, get people in the northern part of Uganda mobilized and working so that they can develop their villages and increase security. Open up new political peace talks with the Acholi people and mobilize them to fight against Kony. His groups movement is largely religion based, but he fights on their behalf due to the mistreatment they have received. If the Acholi can turn on Kony, then there is an even greater hope of seeing results in this conflict.

Most important of all is that dialogue needs to be opened between South Sudan, Congo and Uganda. These countries need to fight the corruption in their governments and begin unified talks to enforce border control in hot spots. If Kony and other madmen like him are unable to move and flee the military, he will become even more desperate and dis-empowered. Also, an increase in security forces is needed to patrol these wildlife conservation areas, which appears to be an extremely useful tool for Kony as it allows him to hide and move around quicker. 

Overall, I believe in the effort and I support the message, however I also believe the message could have been given some more clarity, so that in the end we not only cause positive change, but also educate western people. It is one thing to support a cause blindly because it feels like the right thing to do, it is a totally different thing to educate yourself in the cause and come up with different solutions that could ultimately create severe change.

Lastly, one thing many people might not see is that if Kony is captured and brought to the International Criminal Court, what happens next? Does he sit in a cell and receive 3 meals a day for the rest of his life or do the people of Uganda put him on trial and punish him themselves?

I am really interested to know how you feel about this. Do you agree with my entry on this subject? Has this campaign, in all of its glory and promise for change, overlooked some important and realistic issues that need to be addressed as well?

Until next time!

Monday, 5 March 2012

New Book, Old Philosophy!

Hello to everyone!

Again, I have not submitted a post in quite some time, mainly due to the fact that I have given into my procrastination. Nevertheless, I do have some interesting topics I am going to be working into entries, I just need to organize them and write them down/type them here.

Depending on the news your currently watching, the world has been quite busy the past few weeks. We have Iran still threatening the world with it's nuclear dreams. The Syrian government is still getting it's civilians confused with terrorists and China and Russia continue to put oil needs in front of the right to protect.

I want to dedicate this entry to Vladimir Putin specifically. What a guy! His aids and party have done marvelous marketing to make him appear as if he has super powers. What are these super powers you ask? Well, he not only called the outcome of the most recent election, he was also right! Yes, Mr. Putin bet his savings on black and got it without even breaking a sweat. So successful was his campaign outcome that one might think it is to good to be true.

People say that when something is to good to be true, it usually is. However, in Russia's case, this cannot be true, because we all know that Russia is a democratic country and Putin in no way wants to resurrect the Soviet Union. Right?

When Putin was in power last, everyone said he was an ex-KGB madman, who wanted nothing more then to resurrect Russia's previous greatness and invite old Soviet satellite nations back to Russia's influence. Now, I have a test for you...I want you to view the series of pictures following this paragraph and ask yourself if Putin is the madman people are currently shouting on the streets of Moscow in protest? 

Can Stephen Harper wear his ear protection upside down and make it look cool, let alone hold a gun?

If dolphins love him, he for sure deserves the presidency, I mean come on! Dolphins aren't Communists are they?

Nothing needed here

Like a boss!
So, if we look past the alleged ballot stuffing, which essentially means that Putin friendly people literally stuffed ballot boxes with duplicates or fake ballots, we see a victory in Russia that was not only destined, but deemed right by Vladimir Putin himself. I mean, when the guy says he is going to win and then eventually does...whats wrong with that?

Nope, I do not smell anything fishy with this election at all, but luckily I am not the only person in the world, maybe the only one to view this blog, but not alone in this world.

So, going off of that, what do you think? Is Vladimir Putin really a fresh look on Russian politics, or do we have a case where a new book is released, just telling us the same thing we already have heard millions of times before?

Until next time!