Thursday, 9 February 2012

A New Era in Humanity...A New Sign of Hope!

I have been unable to post a new entry over the past few days due to being ill and not having the energy to write down my thoughts. Now that I am feeling better however, I am compelled to post something and feel it necessary given my recent absence. I am fortunate for my minor illness was nothing more then a potential sign of a bug or the common cold. There are some people who cannot say the same with regards to their illness, in reality I am wrong in even saying millions of people across our planet suffer from various long term and terminal illnesses that cannot be cured or treated.

Disease is amusing in the way that it does not care who you are or any characteristics you may possess. One particular disease that knows no boundaries is HIV and its eventual evolution into AIDS. For those who do not know HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is something contracted from contact with the blood of a carrier, it will eventually transgress into AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). To spare you the long details of how AIDS kills you and to also spare me the time required to explain it in detail... I will continue on to the good news!

As you may have heard on the news, a vaccine currently being developed by a Canadian researcher has been approved for human trials and shows promise to be an effective tool in the fight to stop AIDS. This information may not set into stone a proper solution or guarantee anything, but man o man does it excite me! What an amazing piece of news and further reason to be very proud of living in this beautiful country and being a Canadian overall. Also, this proves further that with the right support and the support of like minded individuals, anything can happen. Who would have thought that a vaccine or potential safeguarding from HIV and AIDS could ever have existed?

The main reason why this is an important announcement for the social world and political world is the freedom it will bring. Imagine how many resources can be diverted to helping those currently suffering from the disease, if we are able to eliminate new cases from popping up. These resources can not only allow people suffering from the disease to live more productive and free lives, but also put more effort into more effective treatments that can further improve the quality of life for those currently suffering.

Not to mention the benefits for you and I! Imagine not having to worry about catching a deadly disease like HIV or AIDS from accidentally coming into contact with someone's blood or a sexual partner. It is a peace of mind that is amazing. Luckily, there is no fear of imposing a make love to all kind of mentality as there are many other sexually transmitted diseases that force you to remain safe, luckily many of these will not kill you.

The downside to this vaccine however, is who will be allowed access to the vaccine and how much they will have to pay for it. The current researcher , Dr. Chil-Yong Kang and his team is working on behalf of the university of Western Ontario and is being funded by a Taiwanese pharmaceutical. This example sheds some like on an unfortunate reality in our society. Much of the medication we have at our disposal today has been created under the careful watch of a monopoly currently held by large pharmaceuticals. Although these large corporations have the financial capital to fund these projects, they also pose a risk, when it comes to how the drug is created and to whom the drug will be available. Lets face it...if this vaccine proves to be critically successful, but is sold with a large price tag, will not help to alleviate the current problem as the people who need the vaccine the most are also some of the poorest individuals in this world. I would love to see this vaccine released free to those who need it like the Polio vaccine was, however when a pharmaceutical is involved...making history with megabucks is often seen as a priority over making history with social assistance.

Overall, I am still very happy to see that this vaccine has been given the approval for the next stage of development, I wish Dr. Kang the best of luck in his work and hope he is able to further make history in the next few years.

I also wish to extend to Dr. Kang a golden star as his efforts contribute greatly to the social and political direction of our society and will help many people as a result.

Until next time!