Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Salutations and Greetings!

A few days ago I was notified by Progressive Bloggers that my application to join their blogroll had been accepted!

If you do not know what or who Progressive Bloggers are, I will tell you. PB is a site dedicated to politically inspired blogs that relate to Canadian events and topics. Their site has something called a blogroll, which will post various blog submissions daily for viewers to see and discuss. Even though this achievement can be seen as something rather small and insignificant, I still feel it is important to celebrate and...for those of you who are reading my blog now or have been following it from the beginning, I wish to extend to you my salutations and an offering of peace and prosperity. Your viewership is greatly appreciated and adds a bonus to the writing I contribute to the political road map.

I created the political road map last year as an attempt to add some direction to the political system we employ in Canada. I love this country deeply and even though I have lost much within it, I still feel grateful to have been given the chance to be born here, grow here and hopefully contribute back as well. Canada as a country is something special and I feel that as citizens...we have a duty to maintain the direction our country heads in and ensure that it does not stray off course due to the actions of a few.

So once again...whether this blog entry falls upon your eyes or no eyes at all, I thank you.

You can witness the PB site yourself by visiting this link .::.

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