Monday, 30 January 2012

Blogging: A New Saviour in our Midst?

If you have seen the movie Contagion, you may remember a distinct line with mention to blogging spoken between a doctor and a journalist. "Blogging is street art with punctuation."

Yes, the movie was infectious (pun?) with it's thrilling scenes and nerve startling plot and list of characters, but more importantly it was also very rich with subtle issues that exist within our society today.

This entry however is not about the movie and is going to avoid mention of the many interesting quirks that exist within modern society. Why? Well, you live in society and you see what goes on most of the time, hopefully most of the time, so you probably already know what these quirks are. Also, if your wondering what the word quirks means...I need you to pick up a dictionary and read it, also read a newspaper and watch the news tomorrow, it may save your life.

Alright, back to the important topic...the thesis, the idea, the subject...yes subject of tonight/this mornings entry...blogging!

What the hell is blogging and why the hell should we be proud of it?

Blogging is a tool that will inevitably save modern civilization from itself. With the proper attention and yes even spin, a blog entry can cure a wide variety of social ailments.

Mad at someone? Write an entry. Want to spread your opinion about political events that will affect people you know, but these people seem oblivious to anything outside of Jersey Shore? Write a blog entry!

Currently, the Chinese are using blogging sites called mini or micro blogs to spread vast amounts of information censored by the governing party in an attempt to inform people. Their actions are what I believe will form the foundation of the fall of the China we have become so used to today. So much so that I strongly believe in around 10 years, we will see the fall of China and the rise of a stronger democratic movement, sorry investors and rich companies using cheap Chinese labor!

I should correct myself though, because blogging is more then an entry. I would go as far to say that to blog is to display one's emotions or perspective with words. Society and capitalism have allowed us to conveniently grow apart to the point, where human contact or socialization can be seen as creepy as quickly as it can be seen as flattering. We no longer need to be in the same room in order to talk to people, nor do we need to borrow their stuff, as everything we need can be picked up at a local store or garbage bin( we throw out a lot of good stuff to).

Blogging pretty much has also become a consequence of our fast paced and divided society, its what allows the cute brunette to voice her opinion and be open on the internet, but socially distance herself from almost everyone in real life. Alternatively, it allows those who feel their voice has been taken from them, to either rebuild it or replace it with a prosthesis and try and impact some positive change on as many people as possible.

So, to keep this short, but still useful, I will leave you with a thought. Use your head and think about something, think about it not only in the short term, but also in the long term. Think about how it impacts you today, how it has impacted you yesterday and how it may impact you in the future. Try and understand it, but not to much or your head might hurt and then think about it in the big picture. If your thinking has outpaced your understanding and your head becomes filled with tons of ideas that you cannot control, open a blog account and spread it all out.

You never know...what you think is useless junk or a waste of time, might just save us all.

Until next time...

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