Friday, 14 October 2011

Occupy Canada!

It's currently 11:28PM and I felt it necessary to add an entry about the events that are planned to take place tomorrow. Occupy Canada should begin around 1PM tomorrow and will take place in various cities across Canada, mainly aimed at the financial districts within those cities.

Why is this important for not only you, but the direction of this country?

I wish the answer was a simple one, but in an attempt to break it down for you I will just say one word..corruption.Corruption is a very strong word and is accompanied by many different branches, almost like that pesky garden weed you have been trying all summer to kill.

Anyone with a pair of eyes and a television knows that the world is currently going through a financial crisis and many previously solid financial foundations have become very shaken as a result. There is a lot of uncertainty present and possibly more instability then before 2008, when the crisis reached a peak. Unfortunately, we are about to witness another peak coming soon and this will ultimately affect many aspects of our daily life.

The occupy Canada movement is one that has received mixed support overall. Many people feel our system is on the right track and does not require any intervention, since the media and our government have stated countless times that we are doing much better then the world as a whole.

The truth may scare you, but it is important that you know. Our country does need an Occupy protest and to be honest with you even that isn't enough. Yes, we have done better then most and our country and values are strong, but we are in a state illusion if we think our current system will be sustainable.

There have been many uprisings around the world, most notably the Arab Spring in the Middle East. Our country differs with these uprisings only in that these countries did not have a democracy in place and had nothing else to lose in the pursuit of change. Our country on the other hand claims to have a democracy, but it has become very sick, corrupt and misguided and as a result the direction of our country is rapidly changing. The worst thing about this is that the change is being done without our consent as the people of Canada and is being done in secret, a change that will affect you and make your life a lot more difficult...unless you win the lottery or start up a company that becomes very successful. Winning the lottery is very difficult and with today's consumer base and market irregularity, its going to be one hell of a ride for that new company your starting.

I applaud those who will be attending tomorrows Occupy Canada rallies and will be attempting to join the occupy Bay Street rally tomorrow at 1PM. The corruption seeping into our political system cannot be allowed to continue or else more damage will occur and if left unchecked will be almost impossible to fix in our generation.

Corporations have become more powerful then ever and as a result have been able to successfully lobby government or insert direct supports into government seats. This has created a cycle that has led to corporations literally writing legislation that benefits their own goals and is introduced by government officials who have been sponsored by them. What has come out of this is a system where the average Canadian is promised further change and is used to legitimize member victories, then forgotten about when the time for real work comes.

What can we do? We need to show our government that this corruption must come to an end. Canada like many other western countries has provided an example to many other nation states and I believe has helped them in their pursuit for freedom. Unfortunately, our very own freedom continues to become corrupted from the inside and we barely notice or act.

The market is the balance of the Capitalist system, but there must be places where it is not allowed to influence, the government being the most important of these places. How can we allow the complete opposite of democracy to have influence on something we call a democratic process. More importantly, how can we continue to label corporations with the status of citizen and hand over to them the basic rights we often take for granted? People complain about illegal immigration and how these individuals take and take without giving back, but these very same people buy items on a daily basis and pay bills, both contributing to their local economy. The true illegal immigrants that exist within this country come in the form of corporations, entities that want rights, but do nothing in order to maintain them, they barely pay tax and if anything spend money in order to circumvent our laws and get away with as much as possible in the pursuit of pure individual profit. A corporation does not buy groceries, it does not visit your neighborhoods annual barbeque and bring a dish for everyone to enjoy. Many of these large corporations simply take what they can and downsize what they can get away with, which at a systemic level leaves them with a wide selection of people to pick and choose from. What is worse now is that these very same large corporations are able to intercept government and continue degrading their contributions to society as tax rates and loopholes continue to be given to them, while you and I worry at night where our next meal might come from.

So tomorrow, when you see these young individuals occupy Bay Street for more transparency and continued regulation for our fragile democracy, do not call them job less Hippies, because even if they weren't protesting, there aren't many jobs available out there for them to be doing anyways and we have to ask why this is when our government continues to feed us information showing us the exact opposite.

Until next time.

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