Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

The days count down quicker as October 6th approaches.

As the campaigns of all three major parties continue to move along, there have been some interesting changes in how the public appears to want to vote.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario appears to be down in many of the updated polls as voters seem discontent with Tim Hudak's most recent attacks on the Liberal's proposed "New Canadian Tax Break." As fishy as this proposed objective may seem, the PC party made the mistake of attacking it with everything they had and as a result have lost some public support for being anti-immigrant/New Canadians.

A few weeks back the party released their "change book" an attempt at showing Ontario families how a PC government will bring visible change to their lives through initiatives that are aimed directly at families. Unfortunately, upon reviewing this change book myself I do not see many changes in the form of creation...most of the changes proposed are cuts aimed at current Liberal programs that the PC party targets as being over budget and corrupt.

Tim Hudak's PC party wish to help Ontario families by cutting back on the HST and other programs that have led to an increase in taxes. One main focus appears to be Hydro consumption and the sharp rise in prices Ontarians have been dealing with as of late.

Green energy and the 7 billion dollar Samsung deal for wind turbines is one main target that is being blamed for an increase in taxes and an overall waste of money. While the PC party gives voters hope that they will save money by lesser taxes, they do not seem to mention exactly what they are going to do aside from dismantle current programs and cancel already negotiated deals. They also fail to properly explain how they will avoid cancellation fees that might be enacted once these already set in motion contracts do get the axe.

One thing is for sure though, Tim Hudak and his party are promising the people of Ontario that his party will make government accountable and that average households will no longer have to front the bill of government negligence and corruption. An outlook that will make people feel a little better knowing that they will not have to pay as much tax and that their budget will get some much needed assistance in an economic time that is hurting everyone (except the rich).

A vote for the PC party on October 6th is a vote for change via Hudak's mouth as expensive programs and mismanaged services will be cut leading to a decrease in costs.

What do you think? The Progressive Conservatives have been on a rampage targeting the Liberals every chance they get and they promise to cut a lot, but make little mention of building anything to help Ontario move forward in this economic downturn. Is the change book something you can rely on in your daily life and do you think it will directly affect you? Are you going to vote PC because of it?

I recommend you take a look at the PC campaign page and take a look at the change book, do you agree with it?

Next post...we look at the Liberals...what they have done and what they plan to do!

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