Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Election Update 2011 -=- The NDP

The NDP continue to ride the Orange "Crush" Wave as numbers show increased support coming their way this election. Right now, these numbers are simply numbers...what happens on October 6th can always be different and this is where the excitement in an election arises, you just never know what the people will decide when the time comes.

The NDP right now seem to offer a package that both inspires change and promises something other than the flip-flop that historically has happened within our provincial and federal elections. Historically, Canada has seen either a Liberal government or a Conservative government (Hence the flip-flop). The most recent polls released however have shown an increase in the NDP's numbers making them second to the Liberals as the PC party drops lower.

The main reason I can see for this recent drop is due to the criticism that Tim Hudak has given against the Liberal promise to provide tax incentives to companies that hire new immigrants. This topic could inspire a blog by itself, however I feel this is an important turning point in this election for many reasons. The very fact that the Liberals have suggested to give tax incentives for hiring immigrants shows what people in politics can describe as a power relation steal. What this means is that the Liberals have taken an idea originally introduced by the NDP and have changed it to potentially benefit their own party.

Let me attempt to explain this in more detail and try and also explain why the NDP are also looking very promising as well. A few months back the NDP put forth a motion to have tax incentives introduced to companies that in general hire an unemployed Canadian. This initiative did not get the chance to see the light of day due to a lack of political power, overall support and criticism that literally shot it down. The NDP hoped to gain some publicity with their overall plans if they get the chance to run the province. As many parties currently promise change via tax hikes and program cutting, the NDP wish to stimulate the economy by giving business incentive to hire. For example, if more people are working, the tax base increases and revenue increases as well that can be used to pay for a wide variety of things from programs to government plans.

Why is this important?

The NDP seem to be sticking with their promise to remain young and bring with them the change this province deeply needs. The youth within the party and supporters has helped the party take the necessary risks in their promises that a lot of the other parties have avoided. One of these large risks involves all day child care for single mothers and families who are required to work and cannot afford private care. This move is HUGE and let me try and explain many families now who are either low income or stretched have huge issues trying to balance their childcare costs and daily bills. By introducing this motion, the NDP plan to spend money in a plan that I believe would give families a much needed boost.

The NDP continue to surprise me  in their attempt to appear more moderate. Sure, they have continued to stick with many of their left leaning plans, but are still riding the orange crush and unfortunate death of their federal leader, which has allowed them to gain support from voters.

I stand by my previous prediction that the NDP party is the ace to look at in this upcoming election. With voter support we may see this party gain control in Ontario in a minority situation on their own or with the help of the Liberal party. Canadians still seem very afraid of what an NDP party might do to Canada, but things have changed in recent years and the party is looking to be the "lesser of evils" at the minimum compared to what the other parties have to offer.

I need to know though, what do you think about the NDP promises so far? Do you have anything to offer in regards to predictions for the election? Let me know and do not be afraid to ask questions or challenge me...its a free country after all!

Stay tuned for my next post that will be dedicated to the Liberals, hopefully completed and ready for release within the next week!

Until then, take care and be proud to be Canadian!

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