Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

The days count down quicker as October 6th approaches.

As the campaigns of all three major parties continue to move along, there have been some interesting changes in how the public appears to want to vote.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario appears to be down in many of the updated polls as voters seem discontent with Tim Hudak's most recent attacks on the Liberal's proposed "New Canadian Tax Break." As fishy as this proposed objective may seem, the PC party made the mistake of attacking it with everything they had and as a result have lost some public support for being anti-immigrant/New Canadians.

A few weeks back the party released their "change book" an attempt at showing Ontario families how a PC government will bring visible change to their lives through initiatives that are aimed directly at families. Unfortunately, upon reviewing this change book myself I do not see many changes in the form of creation...most of the changes proposed are cuts aimed at current Liberal programs that the PC party targets as being over budget and corrupt.

Tim Hudak's PC party wish to help Ontario families by cutting back on the HST and other programs that have led to an increase in taxes. One main focus appears to be Hydro consumption and the sharp rise in prices Ontarians have been dealing with as of late.

Green energy and the 7 billion dollar Samsung deal for wind turbines is one main target that is being blamed for an increase in taxes and an overall waste of money. While the PC party gives voters hope that they will save money by lesser taxes, they do not seem to mention exactly what they are going to do aside from dismantle current programs and cancel already negotiated deals. They also fail to properly explain how they will avoid cancellation fees that might be enacted once these already set in motion contracts do get the axe.

One thing is for sure though, Tim Hudak and his party are promising the people of Ontario that his party will make government accountable and that average households will no longer have to front the bill of government negligence and corruption. An outlook that will make people feel a little better knowing that they will not have to pay as much tax and that their budget will get some much needed assistance in an economic time that is hurting everyone (except the rich).

A vote for the PC party on October 6th is a vote for change via Hudak's mouth as expensive programs and mismanaged services will be cut leading to a decrease in costs.

What do you think? The Progressive Conservatives have been on a rampage targeting the Liberals every chance they get and they promise to cut a lot, but make little mention of building anything to help Ontario move forward in this economic downturn. Is the change book something you can rely on in your daily life and do you think it will directly affect you? Are you going to vote PC because of it?

I recommend you take a look at the PC campaign page and take a look at the change book, do you agree with it?

Next post...we look at the Liberals...what they have done and what they plan to do!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Election Update 2011 -=- The NDP

The NDP continue to ride the Orange "Crush" Wave as numbers show increased support coming their way this election. Right now, these numbers are simply numbers...what happens on October 6th can always be different and this is where the excitement in an election arises, you just never know what the people will decide when the time comes.

The NDP right now seem to offer a package that both inspires change and promises something other than the flip-flop that historically has happened within our provincial and federal elections. Historically, Canada has seen either a Liberal government or a Conservative government (Hence the flip-flop). The most recent polls released however have shown an increase in the NDP's numbers making them second to the Liberals as the PC party drops lower.

The main reason I can see for this recent drop is due to the criticism that Tim Hudak has given against the Liberal promise to provide tax incentives to companies that hire new immigrants. This topic could inspire a blog by itself, however I feel this is an important turning point in this election for many reasons. The very fact that the Liberals have suggested to give tax incentives for hiring immigrants shows what people in politics can describe as a power relation steal. What this means is that the Liberals have taken an idea originally introduced by the NDP and have changed it to potentially benefit their own party.

Let me attempt to explain this in more detail and try and also explain why the NDP are also looking very promising as well. A few months back the NDP put forth a motion to have tax incentives introduced to companies that in general hire an unemployed Canadian. This initiative did not get the chance to see the light of day due to a lack of political power, overall support and criticism that literally shot it down. The NDP hoped to gain some publicity with their overall plans if they get the chance to run the province. As many parties currently promise change via tax hikes and program cutting, the NDP wish to stimulate the economy by giving business incentive to hire. For example, if more people are working, the tax base increases and revenue increases as well that can be used to pay for a wide variety of things from programs to government plans.

Why is this important?

The NDP seem to be sticking with their promise to remain young and bring with them the change this province deeply needs. The youth within the party and supporters has helped the party take the necessary risks in their promises that a lot of the other parties have avoided. One of these large risks involves all day child care for single mothers and families who are required to work and cannot afford private care. This move is HUGE and let me try and explain many families now who are either low income or stretched have huge issues trying to balance their childcare costs and daily bills. By introducing this motion, the NDP plan to spend money in a plan that I believe would give families a much needed boost.

The NDP continue to surprise me  in their attempt to appear more moderate. Sure, they have continued to stick with many of their left leaning plans, but are still riding the orange crush and unfortunate death of their federal leader, which has allowed them to gain support from voters.

I stand by my previous prediction that the NDP party is the ace to look at in this upcoming election. With voter support we may see this party gain control in Ontario in a minority situation on their own or with the help of the Liberal party. Canadians still seem very afraid of what an NDP party might do to Canada, but things have changed in recent years and the party is looking to be the "lesser of evils" at the minimum compared to what the other parties have to offer.

I need to know though, what do you think about the NDP promises so far? Do you have anything to offer in regards to predictions for the election? Let me know and do not be afraid to ask questions or challenge me...its a free country after all!

Stay tuned for my next post that will be dedicated to the Liberals, hopefully completed and ready for release within the next week!

Until then, take care and be proud to be Canadian!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Anthony's review of the 2011 Provincial Election and Predictions

Good Morning to my readers!!! Today is September 6, 2011 and in exactly 1 month we have ourselves a provincial election!!

October 6th 2011: The provincial election that may decide a new leader to direct and govern the struggling province of Ontario as it battles another potential recession and a diminished manufacturing sector. To think...some of you do not even vote, when in fact your vote will make a very big difference to many serious issues out there!

The contenders remain the same with the NDP -=- Liberals -=- Progressive Conservatives and the Green Party fighting it out for as much power as possible.

So far, many people foresee a duplication of our federal election coming down to the provincial level with the orange crush created by the NDP weakening the Liberals and allowing the Conservatives a better chance at seats.

While this may be a probable possibility, I still want to keep a clear mind about it and break down each party and their chances of success based on what they have to offer.

The Liberals -=- Dalton Mcguinty

Dalton Mcguinty has been in power for 8 years as the Premier of Ontario.

The Cons (Because listing these first makes the pain easier to bear):

-Has managed and governed true to the Liberal legacy of over spending. Dalton Mcguinty has taken many successful projects and gone over budget.
-Contracts out to consultants, who in turn charge millions of dollars of tax payer money and legitimize it as "fees" = Example: E-health scandal: Over budget by millions of dollars due to consultant fees that were also close friends of the party.

-Mismanagement of government affairs and spending: Overall party has had issues listening to Ontarians and as a result has brought in many new taxes that have not only increased the cost of living, but has also increased the burden on the provinces poor and newly unemployed. For this reason, you will hear a lot of attack ads calling Dalton the "Taxman."

-Taxes introduced: Health tax, Eco Fee tax on electronic goods, HST on hydro and heating, HST on sale goods (excluding a certain few items), An increase to property taxes on the municipal level, all the while decreasing many economic taxes for corporations.

-Cuts to many social assistance programs have led to an increase in strain added to the low income sector of our province. Example: Recent cuts to welfare have removed the special diet allowance: An allowance given to families on assistance who have medical conditions that require wholesome and fresh foods.

The Pros:

-Dalton's Liberals have spent a lot of money, however many programs have been created that have brought with them many benefits. For example, wait times at hospitals have decreased in many sectors due to an increase of doctors/reorganization within the system.

-Deal with Samsung has given 7 Billion dollars to a foreign corporation, but promises to create full time jobs even if the realistic numbers might not be very close to the current projected numbers.

-Eco incentives on green goods have made Ontario recognized by the world as a successful attempt to not only introduce the idea of green power, but realistically and sustainably implement it.

-Early education: Dalton Mcguinty has put a lot of money and focus into providing better education for young children in an attempt to ensure a more educated future workforce. Improvements to this sector have allowed for better direction and funding to focus on more education and full day kindergarten classes.

The Progressive Conservative Party -=- Tim Hudak

The Cons:

-Tim Hudak has been identified as a Blue very to the right Conservative, however this has not stopped him from gaining support from moderates across the spectrum. The downside to this however is that his policies are very right wing.

-Serving under Mike Harris, Tim carries with him many beliefs and policies that shadow the common sense revolution Harris implemented when in control. Many of these policies did exactly what they said they did and resulted in tax and program cuts as well as the sale of different public goods to the private sector, one of the most famous being the 407 Highway (built with tax dollars and sold for "pennies" to the now fee for use private company that controls it).

-Tim is married to Deb Hutton (Was a strategist under Mike Harris). Searching for Deb Hutton on the internet will bring you to a series of deleted pages, but her political career resulted in some devastating consequences especially when you research The Ipperwash Crisis in Ontario. I respectfully wish to end this point here, but strongly suggest you look into this issue further and as a result understand why her name is a negative political issue for Tim's attempt to maintain a clean image.

-The Progressive Conservative Party is planning to do away with many of the eco incentive programs that the Liberals have made Ontario recognized for. The legitimacy behind this decision is in support of lowering taxes and cutting programs seen as financially wasteful regardless of the economic and environmental benefits it may have.

The Pros:

-So far the Conservatives can be given credit for doing their job as the main opposition to the government. They have often disregarded the low income and poor within the province as they focus on bringing relief to Ontario families. However, they have done their research and focused on issues the Liberal party allowed to continue, for example: Expense Fraud within the Ontario Lottery Corporation and the financial effects the HST has been having on Ontario families. These two topics along with the e health scandal have made media headlines and support the notion that the opposition was well....doing what the opposition is supposed to do. Aside from that Tim Hudak has individually worked to raise money for various community initiatives and even worked to raise millions for the tourist sector after the 9/11 attacks shook consumers.

The NDP -=- Andrea Horwath

The NDP have remained in third place when it comes to the division of power we call our government. Now, I was strained with the idea of adding the pros and cons of this party in being that they do hold a minority position within the opposition, but considering how much success they have received federally, I have decided to dedicate some thoughts with regards to their structure, ideals and chances in the upcoming election.

The NDP has spent the past couple of years under the guidance of Jack Layton trying to tune their image and apply ideas that will make them appear more moderate. As their party still remains one leaning farther to the left then the Liberals, the current state of affairs within the party has been catering toward younger voters and their opinions on the current problems Ontario and Canada as a whole are facing.

You may be wondering why I mentioned under the guidance of Jack Layton, the answer to this is quite simple. The NDP believe that regardless of provincial support or federal, party members will stand in solidarity on both levels and thus support each other. This has often scared many moderates and undecided voters as the party likes to ask for a commitment upfront.

The success of the NDP in the upcoming election is special because the party now stands at a fork in the road. Rely on the image and legacy of Jack Layton and hope for a sympathy vote to continue the Orange Tide or redefine further and push important issues that affect the average person. Either way the party is going to have trouble finding a spot in the leadership chair.

Much like the Green party who might gain a seat, the NDP most likely will not win the election on their own, but with some crafty political moves could find themselves in a minority position with the help of the Liberals.

I predict that Tim Hudak is going to sweep in many reformed areas that believe the Liberals have been here to long, in other areas however there will be a sweep for the NDP as many families in the manufacturing sector have continued to be affected by changing policies, taxes and an overall lack of sustainable work. Not to mention that if the NDP do gain seats, this can only aid the PC party in their overall attempt for power, much like it helped Harper federally.

I know I have been talking for quite some time now, but I know this information can hopefully give you some guidance on which party will support you and which might still require some time to think about it.

Overall, the Liberals have been in power for quite some time and that is always something to be worried about as power corrupts anything that wields it long enough. The PC party has a history of defunct policies that did more long term damage than good and their shadow seems present in current party members also. The NDP are still quite young compared to the other parties, but their fiscal policies will include more spending for programs and family support, something the province could use to lighten the burden of working people, but overall will not help with the current deficit. The green party still exists and will still exist after the election, but poses no real bid for the top.

Just remember my key philosophy when it comes to politics: "If you put your full trust in a politician, then that is your first problem. "

The provincial election will affect your daily life more than the federal one has and this is why it is very important you stay active, educated and organized to respond to what happens. The winds of change are coming, but with your support they can be directed to aid the party that will do the most good or at least choose the party that is the "lesser of evils."

Tell me who your voting for and why? Also, remember as time counts down where to look for when you need an outside look at parties that many people might not know much about.

Stay informed, stay strong and don't fear the government...they are here to work for you not the other way around.

PS: Sorry for the lack of photos...more to come as I continue my election coverage.

Best Regards!