Tuesday, 12 July 2011

You, Me and the Tax Man! Why paying taxes shouldn't be a problem in Canada!

Hello all!

I have been absent from posting over the past few weeks, but fear not, for my political watch has remained stronger then ever.

So lets see...we have a provincial election in Ontario on October 6th, which is around 3 months away!!!!

You most likely have seen the commercial by the PC party labeling Dalton McGuinty as the "Tax Man"

Although this label is not far off, it is an attempt by the PC party of Ontario to get the lead on the election smearing and plant a seed of support in your head. The provincial election right now is being viewed as regular business, where a PC party will replace a defunct and fat with power opponent or the Liberals.

It is true that the provincial Liberals have become fat and bloated with power and have made some big mistakes over the past few years, but calling Dalton the tax man? I can assure you that if and when the PC party attains power in Ontario, Dalton's tax increases will seem small compared to what the PC's have planned.

Political parties will often harp on the weak points of their opponents without much consideration for their own weak points, but hey...when your in opposition that's your job.

Back to taxes though...I pay taxes on everything and I often hear many people complain about how much we are taxed and how awful it is. However, I never hear them complain when an elderly family member of theirs is in the hospital or when fire fighters come to their house in the event of an emergency. Essentially, TAXES are good people, especially in a Social Democratic country like Canada! Where the problem lies in our system however, is HOW our tax dollars are spent. For example, Dalton McGuinty spending double his budget on E-Health only to put millions into the hands of his friendly consultant buddies, regardless of the fact that many qualified individuals who we currently pay to work at Queens Park were left out.

This is when you should start to complain and moan and groan, because your tax dollars went towards making someone specifically rich, as opposed to helping the most people possible.

Your taxes are what keep our country running, they put food on the tables of the needy and keep holes in our roads (although terribly slow at it) filled so our cars don't crash into a blaze of infamy. They also keep you protected from Fire and Crime, not to mention pay for services that you or someone you know may rely on.

It is important that you and those around you keep your eyes open, research, ask many questions and demand answers from your political representation because your tax dollars keep your country alive!

Also, with regards to the election...if we see anything like the federal election we just had, the NDP are going to have some fun boosting their numbers against a very unpopular and bloated Liberal party. Anything goes right now folks and really it's anyone's game! Let's just hope for the least damaging party in the end.

Until next time!