Friday, 10 June 2011

Rise Up and Abolish the Chains of Ignorance!

PM Harper delivered a speech to a crowd of Conservative party delegates. 2,300 individuals gathered to hear what the Prime Minister had to say about our country, our progress and on the direction his party will be heading.

I am hoping that as many of you out there as possible can have a chance to study and view the wording and supposed aim Harper took in his speech.

If history has shown us one thing, it is that certain individuals can accumulate tremendous power by utilizing the power of fear. Fear of, fear over and fear to look at the changes currently happening in our world.

Something that really stood out from this speech however is the politically driven literature spewed from Harper's mouth with regards to dictators and military spending. Many very charged words such as : Resist, Power Shifting and Change of Force among others were used many times throughout his speech and this causes me a lot of worry and should cause you some discomfort to.

Our country has retained a reputation that I admire and am proud of, a reputation that shows the world we are not war-mongers and that peace is something attainable.

To change the format up a little bit here,  I am going to end my blog entry with a rant/ultimatum to Prime Minister Harper and other politicians who share his fear-mongering backwardness.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT continue reading if you are categorized as politically faint of heart or are under the age of 6. What you read may incite anger inside of you and or change your entire perspective on the country/world you live in and how it works. Take everything you read here and try to apply it to better yourself and those around you.

To: Stephen Harper: Prime Minister of Canada, I extend to you with the most respect a solemn FUCK YOU!

I do not understand what has happened to you over the course of your life, but I really wish I had the chance to see what you have seen to think that right now Canada as a country needs to beef up it's military and that families are dying for tax breaks. Not to mention, that your actions are legitimate when all they do is laugh at our respected system of Democracy. People bash Depape for ruining a traditional ceremony, she is a young Canadian citizen with a freedom to express herself, what is your excuse Harper? You ass, you think it is right that you can limit and or deface our political systems, our foundations to freedom by thinking that you are some supreme commander now that you have won a majority via the most recent election.

Keep dreaming bub, you like many other politicians who think they can spit in the face of democracy for their own gain and ignore the plight of their people have something coming. You will witness the change that is approaching not only our country, but the entire world.

We have people who cannot afford to live in their homes, feed their children and save for retirement and you think a fucking tax break is what they want!? They do not want, but NEED jobs, Canadian jobs that stay in this country and produce products that are sustainable and can be relied upon. Yet you continue to turn a blind eye as your corporation buddies rake in the big cheques.

You think our country needs to spend money on the military!? No, we need to spend money on the areas we are falling behind on. China for example, the biggest example of a country that can copy everything and stomp on the freedoms of it's people, is leading in many renewable energy markets, this may seem like nothing right now, but in the future it will impact greatly. All the while, we have Canada lagging behind in an area we should be shining in as an example to the world!

If you get a chance to read this Stephen, I hope you will understand that your party has nothing to do with my ultimatum, you could be Liberal, NDP or Bloc and I would still rally against what you are doing. Many people may blindly follow now without regard to your actions, but push them far enough and a change will be coming, one that will see your seat spin. Canadians are not just the corporate leaders or individuals being paid to advise your party, they are the foundation to this country and the foundation to your government.

It is 2011 Harper, wake up and realize the issues right in front of us, because your direction is showing many signs of ignorance and egotism, both of which this country does not need right now!

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