Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Social Trends: Partisan Politics and the People

Question: What makes you follow a certain party or group of people (Politically or Socially)?

Example: We are a member of our family because the family unit is one of the most fundamental building blocks to society, we are born into a family and thus live among our family as a member, reaping and sowing during the good times and hard times. We usually have no choice with regards to following our family because they are the most commonly recognized example of a group in our life.

The question I pose however is what makes certain people gravitate towards certain types of political party's?

The main answers I can accumulate at the top of my head are:

1. You were brought up in a family that followed a specific party (If so, what made your family follow it?)

2. You base your political decision via social aspects/values that a party has in relation to you (Can also be used in cohesion with option 1).

3. You like the people running in the party and truly believe they are legit, which wins your vote.

4. You do not like the rest, so you pick someone who seems different in hopes that they do something better ( Seems like the majority of votes now a days are based on this one)

The reality seems that any of these listed reasons could apply, or a few combined, or all of them combined in some circumstances.

Tell me why you align yourself to a specific party in the political system. If you want to take it further, tell me why you align yourself with any kind of party in general; be it political, social or financial.

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