Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Blind Side

Let me begin by saying sorry for such a delay in my posting. My internet has been down along with my phone line and cell phone due to a severe wind storm in my area.

Surprisingly this was not the only storm to occur over the past week or so. The only words I could fathom in an attempt to explain the recent changes in the political race we call an election was..."The Blind Side." This has nothing to do with football, but can only explain how the NDP have won extra support making them not only a viable threat for the Liberal that might replace them as official opposition, but also a supreme threat to the Conservative's dreams of a majority and even a minority at this point.

I can imagine Michael Ignatieff biting his tongue for his reference in the debate: "Jack, your party will never form government, you will always be in the opposition spot."

Well, Mr. Ignatieff, the winds of change have arrived and I believe on Monday a change will come to the political sphere of Canada. A change that overall will be good, but may take some adjusting to acquired taste.

Yes, the NDP do represent a socialist and very left leaning party, one that puts it's focus on adding balance to our society and one that looks out for the little guy...whether he be from the middle class or a low income individual on social assistance.

With this mindset however, certain policies will be put into place that change what many capitalists and moderates alike see as government and structure. Corporate taxes will most likely increase and handouts to mega-corporations will decrease if not cease at all. We might even have a healthcare system that hires more doctors and nurses, a cost which is required, but will come either from the citizen directly or those big corporations. In the temporary transition, these changes will hurt Canada's current path under Harper, as international investment may decrease if corporate taxes increase. If no balance is placed with regards to protectionism and an open invite to the world, than yes this will occur. If Jackie Baby though is smart, he will ensure that he puts his spending where it is needed and maintains an image that reflects positive change and not needless spending. Honestly, a lot of good can come from this and with proper investment through party policies and co-operation with the other parties, Canadians might see a lot of good change come to our country and more importantly our direction.

How will this orange wave come to sweep over the Prime Ministers Office you may ask? Well, if the NDP surge and grab enough seats placing them close to equal with the Conservatives, they can either make a bond with either the Conservatives or the Liberals and have their budget passed, which would put them in charge of the house and respectively the government. Either way you look at it, Jack is going to have to work with one or more parties to ensure an agreement can be made or even a coalition if required. I highly doubt our governor general will listen to Harper if he requests another election be called in the event the NDP or Liberals take power.

So, to keep this update short I will leave it at this. I applaud you if you went out and voted in the early polls and hope you will be there Monday to vote if you have not done so already.

Will you just stay home and have the coming change guide you...or will you take up your freedom and choice and guide the coming change with your vote?

The answer is one only you can decide come Monday May 2nd, 2011.

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