Sunday, 20 March 2011

Welcome to The Political Road Map

Welcome Friends!

My name is Anthony and this is a blog dedicated to the political system!

Our world is rapidly changing and although many people may not realize this, everything we do in our lives is related to a political system. Whether you are: Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Libertarian or Moderate, there is a place for you in this blog and it is important that you not only understand where your beliefs stand, but more importantly where your political leaders stand.

Now to answer some basic questions about my newborn blog and why I chose this name. The Political Road Map if successful, will gauge where our current political system is and in what direction it may be heading. I hope to encourage discussion and debate over many different topics.

I have studied Political Science and Peace Studies at McMaster University and although this does in no manner make me an expert on anything political, I believe it has formed a foundation for my thoughts. As I have mentioned above, the world is rapidly changing and many people have pushed political discussion aside, which has unfortunately left things like voting and elections to a minority of our populations. People have forgotten the important value of being able to not only participate in society via regular daily activities, but also shape society with their voice. This has occurred due to multiple factors, but I believe it is important that we boost interest in our political system due to the impact it has on us.

I will finish with this and leave the rest for another discussion, but in doing so I would like to once again thank you for visiting my blog and would greatly appreciate any feedback or discussions you would like to have.

Do not be afraid to think and remember that if we push our duty as citizens of the world aside any longer, our thinking might end up being done by someone other than us!

Until next time.

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