Monday, 29 January 2018

The Tyranny of the Triggered

Modern society has become an ever expanding landscape of polarization and finger pointing that not only undermines our ability to discuss, but corrodes at the very foundation of our democracy.

The issue is so alarming, that it is no surprise when people feel out of place when it comes to supporting social causes, while avoiding the very groups that are currently pushing for them.

We currently live in an environment with two major forces: The Douche Bag and Snow Flake Left and the Ignorant and Racist Right. While these labels may seem harsh, and they are, they represent the physical divide that has widened the gap between opposing views and has inevitably decreased the size of moderate views based on logic and discussion.

Take this example, if you happen to not fully support a certain cause, the quickest and most common response is to be bombarded with accusations of being as vile and close minded as the worst of those who oppose the same movement. It is so bad that even questioning the motives of a group, while supporting the objective of the movement, can lead to such vile polarization, that its not uncommon for people to feel like standing aside and not bother at all.

The internet and social media was supposed to bring us closer together and provide us with the foundation of nonstop knowledge, however it has instead isolated us and put us in a position to not trust the very information we need to make important decisions as voters and citizens.

We Don't Talk Anymore

The main issue causing this polarization is that people do not really talk anymore. With more and more technology in our daily lives, we have become isolated and more sensitive as a result. It is now more common to find people who are triggered and in need of a safe space than to be ready for proper discussion with an intent to defend their position and their beliefs.

Instead, these very same triggered people now point fingers and throw ultimatums in the form of labels, while disregarding any and all discussion that may alter their own personal views. This isn't even isolated to one side of the political spectrum, as groups from both the left and right have begun taking this strategy.

Everyone is so busy pointing fingers and blaming others for being ignorant, that instead of moving forward and creating actual change, we are standing still with one hand pointed outwards and the other over our mouth from the shock of how triggering our opponent has been. In many cases, this opponent may have said something worthy of triggering the individual, but it seems like the very act of questioning someone in the form of a logical discussion has become just as bad now a days.

Take No Prisoners

The thing about polarizing views is that the objective is to take no prisoners. You are either with us or against us and in doing so, are always preparing for conflict. It is not surprising that people need a safe space, since who in their right mind wants to spend every waking moment fighting? Instead of talking about important topics affecting the current social and political landscape of our times, we seem to be spending more time creating enemies, instead of creating solutions.

The political repercussions of such an attitude is that we increase the amount of fear and thus hate that is created between groups. This isn't the kind of fear that makes people think about locking their doors at night, instead its the kind of fear that allows people to side step their own logic and reason and elect a billionaire, who blatantly lies to them about caring about their own lives and financial well being.

This kind of fear not only divides our society, but opens the possibility of allowing some of the worst types of acts from being committed.


Well think about this for a moment, while people are so busy pointing fingers and giving into their fear, they stand divided and allow others with their own agendas to move forward with plans. While this may seem a little conspiracy theorist like, you need only look to what Donald Trump has done in the United States recently regarding the largest Tax Overhaul in 30 years. While the media did give it coverage, the majority of the air time was dedicated to Hollywood and the #MeToo movement. Don't get me wrong, the #MeToo movement means well, but people should have been rioting in the streets over tax legislation that will inevitably add as much to the national deficit as both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have since 9/11.

While the media is here to be a sober 3rd party that challenges the government and big business in an effort to inform us and serve a purpose, we can no longer trust them as this polarization has even affected their own ranks.

Remember Fake News?

The triggered have now dominated the conversation of today and while they mean the best in supporting their own agendas and hopefully helping others too, they unfortunately have created a divide so large, that progress and moving forward are no longer a guarantee that one can have from the idea of discussing opposing views and winning hearts and minds.

Instead, we are creating safe spaces, offending everyone and allowing the rug to be swept from beneath the electorate at the same time.

Talk more, get involved and when your friends and family say...Oh no, here we go again, regarding your discussion about politics and social movements, remind them of their duty to democracy.

Our system will not fall overnight, but if we continue to divide ourselves and avoid hard topics in an effort to not hurt feelings and trigger people, we invite the very cancer that continues to eat away at our institutions and invite the destruction of our very rights as free and informed citizens.

-The Political Road Map-