Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Donald Trump: "Ite in patria tua" (10 Minute Read)

Why President Trump's recent Twitter attacks are bad for social unity and great for his political base.

Donald Trump recently took it upon himself to directly attack elected congresswomen on Twitter, over what he perceives as direct attacks on America. 

With this, he has not only managed to get the spotlight placed back on himself, but has also set the tone for the upcoming 2020 American election.

If you haven't seen the tweets, I will post them below, but for everyone who has witnessed them, you hopefully can see why this type of wording from the president of the United States is bad news. Especially when they come from the mouth of the very person in charge of leading Americans, regardless of their political stripes. 

While many people have shrugged these words as nothing important or worse just laughed them off, they do not realize the implications they actually create.

It is no surprise that since Trump's election as president, the world has witnessed a shift toward a more nationalistic or protectionist political view. While there are exceptions to this of course, the reality of the situation is that America still sets the tone that the world listens to and in many cases adopts. Donald Trump knows this, which is why it is not surprising that he relies on social media and any form of attention in order to appease his political base.

In politics, whenever someone begins to gain attention or some form of power from the electorate, those currently holding the majority of power begin to worry, which is why you can witness a shift in attack ads during an election based on poll updates and debate outcomes. 

So for Trump to focus on four women currently serving in congress, he is not only showcasing the fear they present to him, but also making public his disregard for people of colour and women.


By telling people to go back to their own country, because they happen to be doing their job and questioning the "Great Country of America," you are basically using the playbook of every uneducated racist anywhere in the world. 

When people begin to witness great change, especially change that affects their personal way of life, they usually do one of two things: They accept the change and adapt or they become very xenophobic and find a source to attack that is responsible for that change.

The political base supporting Donald Trump and who made it possible for him to win fall within a mixture between both outcomes above. 

These are people that are witnessing their country changing and have attempted to adapt, but have been left behind due to economic and social changes, especially in areas like the Rust Belt or Bible Belt. 

When Donald Trump assumes that someone of colour is not a naturally born American, like he did with three of the four congresswomen, he plays the role of great protector for his base. 

A predominately white country like America is changing in such a way that it is no longer going to appear fully white. Throw in the constant reliance on Fake News, used to combat any form of truth against Donald Trump and you have a recipe for disaster. 

To make matters worse for Canada specifically, this kind of lingo is beginning to creep across our border and also be utilized by politicians on the right. From the need to attack immigration quotas to the reliance on threats of separating from Canada, these politicians not only should be ashamed of themselves, but should also step down! 

The worst possible thing any sovereign nation can endure is a civil war. 

With Donald Trump, his actions and words have done nothing but sell to his personal base that being white and a traditional man is still the primary face of America. To be anything other, especially a woman, who does nothing but complain while not being a natural born American, is wrong. 

And this where we witness a turning point in American political history. 

The most important thing to do is not fall for the trap Trump has set. He wants you to become upset and irrational, because then it is easier for his political pundits to attack you and dismantle your argument.

The most important thing people can do right now is see through the smoke and mirrors and realize the kind of man Donald Trump is. He is not a politician, but simply a strong man who ran under the guise of bringing positive political change to America. Donald Trump is a businessman who cares of no one but himself, the zero sum game of life. You are either with him or you are against him and that is the kind of political belief that contradicts the history of America, a land of immigrants dedicated to freedom and expression. 

So in closing I can only say that people on both sides of the border need to remain vigilant. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian just like an American is an American.

You are not a traitor for questioning the ethics or actions of your country and it's allies.

You are not a traitor for wanting to benefit your countrymen, by implementing change that actually lifts them up.

You are a traitor and a turncoat, when you sell your country out and divide it for the sole benefit of increasing your own power and wealth!

-The Political Road Map-

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