Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nuclear Korea and Donald Trump

To begin, if you know someone who is currently working in South Korea, you may want to prepare their return home or at the very least...ensure they renegotiate any contract they are under for a larger sum.

While many South Koreans have become used to the threats posed by the North, the recent military maneuvers ordered by Donald Trump, not only spell the possibility of confrontation, but almost tease it directly.

After witnessing the missile strike ordered on a Syrian air base only last week, we now have an idea of the foreign policy or lack of it, that Donald Trumps administration is currently utilizing.

Much of this will greatly affect any response to North Korea's rising nuclear arsenal and also showcase more of #ThePoliticalRoadMap being utilized by Trump/

In order to make America great again, Donald Trump needs to show that the United States will not back down from international aggression that threatens it directly or any of its allies.

With North Korea, we are experiencing much of the same type of behavior that the country has utilized in the past.

The formula for this behavior can be simplified like this: 

Step 1: Create an aggressive situation: Aim artillery pieces at major cities for example or sink a commercial fishing boat via military attack.

Step 2: Threaten all out war if demands are not met. Usually food supplies and money.

Step 3: Continue aggressive propaganda campaign and stance until demands met.

Step 4: Back off after demands met until next opportunity presents itself.

Step 5: Declare international relevance through your perceived strength.

In many cases, North Korea could easily get away with this type of behavior and the international community would pat itself on the back as having accomplished a job well done.

Where the situation now changes, is that the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, now possess nuclear weaponry( We think) and also the missile ability to deliver its payload ( Sometimes).

In order for Donald Trump to make America great again, he has to return the country to the status of world police, where it watches over freedom via a strong military order. If the recent command to maneuver an aircraft carrier strike force closer to the country says anything, it says that Trump isn't afraid of war and if North Korea is confident enough to launch a nuclear weapon, its likely target will be South Korea or the waters surrounding it, which spells bad news for a lot of innocent people.

The real question that remains is how will China respond to all of this? For those who do not know, China provides all of the essential support to North Korea in terms of food, money and military hardware. If the Chinese choose to support North Korea, they not only risk direct conflict with the United States, but also an economic response from the Trump administration, that could essentially put a large tariff or outright ban on Chinese goods into the United States.

While it is too early to tell exactly how this will play out, one can only hope that North Korea will take advice from its ally China and stand down its nuclear activities, if not to save its own people and current regime, but to avoid all out war that will inevitably end up destroying North Korea and potentially devaste the Korea peninsula as a whole.

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